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Jordan recognizes that east Jerusalem is the capital of the Palestinian state and Jordan rejects foreign sovereignty -- Israeli sovereignty -- over the holy sites, (Quote by - Yasser Arafat)

In the business I'm in, there is a lot of rejection. But playing for the troops, I feel real appreciated and honored. It's a validation of my talents. (Quote by - Singer Gina Notrica)

Once it's clear that rejection is there, then I believe India, provided the threat of terrorism is lifted, is prepared to have that meaningful dialogue. (Quote by - Tony Blair)

Once women begin to question the inevitability of their subordination and to reject the conventions formerly associated with it, they can no longer retreat to the safety of those conventions. (Quote by - Christopher Lasch)

Rejection is one of the most horrible feelings. It means the other side wouldn't care even if you were dead. Your old lover rejects you, she says: "You can drop dead, I don't care at all" (Quote by - Jonathan Fain)

Reject the government's cruel and cynical interpretation. (Quote by - Al Franken)

In one season, the number of cartons rejected for export because of fruit fly damage has halved from 8% to 4%, the lowest it has ever been. (Quote by - Brian Barnes)

A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success. (Quote by - - Bo Bennett)

She rejected our offer, and we rejected her offer. (Quote by - Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler)

Human beings, like plants, grow in the soil of acceptance, not in the atmosphere of rejection (Quote by - John Powell)

The MTA has put a fair offer on the negotiating table. Unfortunately that offer has been rejected by the Transport Workers Union. (Quote by - Tom Kelly)

There are many gods which Christians reject. I just believe in one less god then they do. The reasons that you might give for your atheism toward the Roman gods are likely the same reasons I would give for not believing in Jesus. (Quote by - Dan Barker)

total, categorical rejection of forms of violence, of all forms of terrorism. (Quote by - Vicente Fox)

The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed. (Quote by - Buddha)

We're happy that the Supreme Court rejected R.I.M.'s efforts to create a huge loophole in the patent law. (Quote by - Kevin Anderson)

The fastest surging woman leadership position is heading non-profit organizations. Women are not rejecting leadership positions -- they're rejecting politics. (Quote by - Celinda Lake)

And you should not be of those who reject the communications of Allah, for then you should be one of the losers. (Quote by - quran)

The slight rejection on the three-month [bills] shows that government has an improved cash position. (Quote by - Jonathan Ravelas)

By the stroke of a pen, President Clinton is rejecting the clear advice of the U.S. Senate and research by his own Energy Department showing conclusively that the treaty would cost American families billions of dollars and millions of jobs. (Quote by - Connie Holmes)

Mobile phone guys really need to decide whether to embrace it or reject it. If they are smart, they'll embrace this - and if they don't, then other people will do. (Quote by - George Polk)

It was something she didn't want me to do because she thought the rejection would ruin my self-esteem. My father was, like, 'If she wants to try it, let her try it.' (Quote by - - Ellen Muth)

The DOJ rejected that latest response. They wanted different conditions, (Quote by - Rusty Hardin)

It is on the acceptance or rejection of the theory of the Unity of all in Nature, in its ultimate Essence, that mainly rests the belief or unbelief in the existence around us of other conscious beings besides the Spirits of the Dead. (Quote by - - H. P. Blavatsky)

In my work, there's a tremendous amount of rejection and waves of fertile and fallow times. (Quote by - - Marlo Thomas)

The doll provoked rejection, hatred and violence. (Quote by - Agnes Nairn)

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