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It's not as easy as just throwing a recreational team together. We all fund our hockey differently. (Quote by - Brad Minter)

And what is needed to prevent them from joining gangs was ample recreation for boys as well as girls, jobs and internships for training and money, and assistance to allow their families to live in decent homes. (Quote by - Bobby Scott)

We're working with the City of Columbus and Columbus Parks and Recreation to make changes in the park so that hopefully it will become a place where the community wants to be and place the community wants to use. (Quote by - Michele Sanderson)

We made a conscious decision to make BMX the recreation outlet for our family. For us, it's a great opportunity for the kids to experience good teamwork, sportsmanship and get them together. (Quote by - David Ward)

The public is interested. It's a recreation niche, a learning opportunity, and we want to serve the public well. (Quote by - Tom Mulder)

It is something we have dealt with since Day 1. You can't recreate that environment. It's just the ability to go out there and slow the inning down as much as you can. (Quote by - Clint Hurdle)

To allow that kind of thing just because a set of recreational users want to take snowmobiles and whatever else into Yellowstone is crazy, (Quote by - Bill Wade)

We've got 5,500 of the best outdoor-oriented recreation folks and business people to be found in the United States. Top-notch people who have made there avocation their vocation. (Quote by - Wally Smith)

You have to understand what the program was before. We were a recreation team. We had no discipline. If you only knew what it was like under the old coach. Every day was gloomy. When Weitz came in, it was like light. There was hope. (Quote by - Carolina Ruiz)

It's like a Central Park. It's near the city yet affords great recreational opportunities. (Quote by - Mike Chapman)

We're excited about adding some recreation attractions to draw the kids in. You draw the kids in and you bring the parents in. The waterfront is a natural for recreation programs. (Quote by - Jim Bell)

All the stakeholders at the table get a piece, the recreational fishers, the skiers, and the rest say, 'we get to do this, we get to do that,' but there is no enforcement, no restrictions. (Quote by - Cha Smith)

It is a social, cultural, economic and political event -- and recreation. (Quote by - Roberto Maestas)

As a recreation/green area, this is in line with the grant possibilities. (Quote by - Brent Trout)

Practice, which some regard as a chore, should be approached as just about the most pleasant recreation ever devised. (Quote by - Babe Didrikson)

I should be in favor of this project. Thousands of people coming to me for recreation can only make me money. (Quote by - Don Werner)

The only thing that's going on right now is a Parks and Recreation program, and hardly any of us can make it. And it doesn't go through the summer. (Quote by - Sparkle Thomas)

If anything falls victim initially it will probably be the parade. The Parks and Recreation Department pretty much runs the parade and does a phenomenal job, but they are going to be pulled from doing that. (Quote by - Patrick Foster)

He will go through some examples of different recreation centers. (Quote by - Jim Pryor)

It seems like everyone around me has recreation going on. I'm the only one working, I guess. (Quote by - David Toms)

Recreational opportunities are our biggest draw. We have river activities and an aquatic park. The birding trails are in the same category. We need to use our natural resources. We need to play the cards we have. (Quote by - John Seymour)

It's up to people, whatever recreation they're doing, to do it responsibly. (Quote by - Bob Berg)

He pitched through recreation leagues. He has a good, strong arm. We typically are not real crazy moving our shortstop off of shortstop, but we are looking at him as a closer and how he handles that role. (Quote by - Brooks Shumake)

John is one of the top parks and recreation directors I've seen. He has a great feel for the needs of the community, and that's reflected in the facilities. (Quote by - Danny Roberts)

Basically the plan is to purchase land for resource protection, but also make it available for public recreation, (Quote by - Cynthia Johnson)

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