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I don't believe in luck. I believe everything happens for a reason. (Quote by - Nelly)

That language is an instrument of human reason, and not merely a medium for the expression of thought, is a truth generally admitted. (Quote by - George Boole)

The person who is master of their passions is reaso s slave. (Quote by - Cyril Connolly)

Our reason may prove what it will: our reason is only a feeble ray that has issued from Nature. (Quote by - Maurice Maeterlinck)

We must plan for freedom, and not only for security, if for no other reason than that only freedom can make security secure. (Quote by - Karl Popper)

Reason, observation, and experience; the holy trinity of science. (Quote by - Robert G Ingersoll)

I will not Reason & Compare; my business is to Create. (Quote by - William Blake)

Most of us, when all is said and done, like what we like and make up reasons for it afterwards. (Quote by - Soren F. Petersen)

Setting themselves against reason, as often as reason is against them. (Quote by - Thomas Hobbes)

Intuition is the undoubting conception of a pure and attentive mind, which arises from the light of reason alone, and is more certain than deduction. (Quote by - Rene Descartes)

The supreme function of reason is to show man that some things are beyond reason. (Quote by - Blaise Pascal)

The reason people think I look good now is because I was never a beauty as a wee girl. And thank heavens. It's frightening to get old anyway, but if your looks were the cornerstone of your life, well, it would be very difficult. (Quote by - Lulu)

Vicodin, I got addicted to that little pill. The reason I don't talk about it too much in the press is because it isn't funny, and I love to be funny in interviews. If you joke about that period in your life, it doesn't seem right. (Quote by - Matthew Perry)

As soon as we abandon our own reason, and are content to rely upon authority, there is no end to our troubles. (Quote by - BERTRAND RUSSELL)

The true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it. (Quote by - Francois-Marie Arouet)

No one ever lacks a good reason for suicide. (Quote by - Cesare Pavese)

Reason, ruling alone, is a force confining, and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction. Therefore, let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion! (Quote by - Kahlil Gibran)

Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination. (Quote by - Immanuel Kant)

I see no reason for calling my work poetry except that there is no other category in which to put it. (Quote by - Marianne Moore)

Do you ever get the feeling that the only reason we have elections is to find out if the polls were right? (Quote by - Robert Orben)

Tragedy is restful: and the reason is that hope, that foul, deceitful thing, has no part in it. (Quote by - Jean Anouilh)

I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. (Quote by - Richard Dawkins)

Reason can in general do more than blind force. (Quote by - Gaius C. Gallus)

The reason good women like me flock to my pictures is that there is a little bit of vampire instinct in every woman. (Quote by - Theda Bara)

Faith must be enforced by reason. When faith becomes blind it dies. (Quote by - Gandhi)

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