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Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads. (Quote by - Marianne Moore)

The poet's mind is ... a receptacle for seizing and storing up numberless feelings, phrases, images, which remain there until all the particles which can unite to form a new compound are present together. (Quote by - T. S. Eliot)

A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it. A good poem helps to change the shape and significance of the universe, helps to extend everyone's knowledge of himself and the world around him. (Quote by - Dylan Thomas)

Like a piece of ice on a hot stove the poem must ride on its own melting. (Quote by - Robert Frost)

What is a Professor of Poetry? How can poetry be professed? (Quote by - W.H. Auden)

What is a Sonnet? 'Tis the pearly shell That murmurs of the far-off, murmuring sea; A precious jewel carved most curiously; It is a little picture painted well. What is a Sonnet? 'Tis the tear that fell From a great poet's hidden ecstasy; A two-edged sword, a star, a song--ah me! Sometimes a heavy tolling funeral bell. (Quote by - Richard Watson Gilder)

Doeg, though without knowing how or why, Made a still a blundering kind of melody; Spurr'd boldly on, and dash'd through thick and thin, Through sense and nonsense, never out nor in; Free from all meaning whether good or bad, And in one word, heroically mad. (Quote by - John Dryden)

Poetry is a mug's game. (Quote by - T. S. Eliot)

A poem is true if it hangs together. Information points to something else. A poem points to nothing but itself. (Quote by - E.M. Forster)

Poets are like baseball pitchers. Both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things. (Quote by - Robert Frost)

The worst fate of a poet is to be admired without being understood. (Quote by - Jean Cocteau)

Poetry is nothing but healthy speech. (Quote by - Henry David Thoreau)

Oh love will make a dog howl in rhyme. (Quote by - John Fletcher)

A poet must leave traces of his passage, not proof. (Quote by - Rene Char)

Poetry is to philosophy what the Sabbath is to the rest of the week. (Quote by - Augustus William)

Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese. (Quote by - G.K. Chesterton)

Poetry is itself a thing of God; He made his prophets poets;and the more We feel of poesie do we become Like God in love and power,--under-makers. (Quote by - Philip James Bailey)

He who draws noble delights from sentiments of poetry is a true poet, though he has never written a line in all his life. (Quote by - George Sand)

The poet sees things as they look. Is this having a faculty the less? or a sense the more? (Quote by - Augustus William)

Poetry is an orphan of silence. The words never quite equal the experience behind them. (Quote by - charles Simic)

One merit of poetry few persons will deny: it says more and in fewer words than prose. (Quote by - Voltaire)

The poem is the point at which our strength gave out. (Quote by - Richard Rosen)

You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you. (Quote by - Joseph Joubert)

The poet, as everyone knows, must strike his individual note sometime between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five. He may hold it a long time, or a short time, but it is then that he must strike it or never. School and college have been conducted with the almost express purpose of keeping him busy with something else till the danger of his ever creating anything is past. (Quote by - Robert Frost)

A poet's work is to name the unnameable, to point at frauds, to take sides, start arguments, shape the world, and stop it going to sleep. (Quote by - Salman Rushdie)

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