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There's a perception out there that there are areas that are unsafe, and it could become reality of that's what people think. (Quote by - Patrick Baker)

More critically, the statements that we make can get picked up internationally and then feed to the kind of perceptions that South Africa and Africa are incapable of hosting an important international event like this. (Quote by - Joel Netshitenzhe)

Clearly the perception out there is that we shouldn't be doing too much of that copy protection stuff. (Quote by - Sir Howard Stringer)

There's a perception of Mississippi that is inaccurate. We are viewed as being at the bottom. (Quote by - Blake Wilson)

The perception of beauty is a moral test. (Quote by - Henry David Thoreau)

This is very gratifying. It will be a little bit different perception this year. The last three years at state, we've been considered in the favorite group. This time, we can go over there and just play. (Quote by - Gregg Ford)

Right now the perception is we are not going to get the earnings recovery we thought we were going to get. (Quote by - Jim Volk)

It bolsters the perception that this administration relies too much on spin, (Quote by - Tim Allen)

Many people have this perception of us being this arty band, (Quote by - Alex Kapranos)

There's definitely a huge gap between the elite and public perceptions on immigration. (Quote by - Mark Krikorian)

It is above all by the imagination that we achieve perception and compassion and hope. (Quote by - Ursula K. LeGuin)

They're different with No.25. He changed their attitude, their whole perception. (Quote by - Eric Young)

It is a little surprising given the strength of the economy that there is a perception - at least among some of the public - that the economy is not very good. (Quote by - Edward Lazear)

I think the market is responding now to a perception of the increased possibility of recession, which I do not see. (Quote by - Richard DeKaser)

There still is a perception among some people that he... doesn't want to go to court and will settle. (Quote by - Tom Mesereau)

People just don't think poverty exists here. It's a perception that since Howard County is an affluent place . . . low-income people just don't live here. But they do. (Quote by - James Smith)

It's their perceptions of the impact of Lewis and Clark. (Quote by - Susan Tissot)

Now it's time to change the perception that we don't want to work with the town. (Quote by - Bill Stern)

We're going to have to deal with this perception as we're going forward. (Quote by - Ray Nagin)

We do have concerns with the perception of our game and the credibility of our game. (Quote by - Dave Tippett)

Midas's Law: Possession diminishes perception of value, immediately (Quote by - John Updike)

I think that's the perception and I'm not saying it's not accurate. (Quote by - Steve Tisch)

Women are increasingly perceptive about the way media images are manipulated, (Quote by - Cindi Leive)

I left that meeting with the perception that I had been asked for the first time to fire an intelligence analyst for what he had said and done. (Quote by - Carl W. Ford Jr)

The familiar combination of declining fundamentals and the market's perception that Tokyo wants to see a weaker yen was the catalyst for the Japanese currency's latest move down, (Quote by - Alex Beuzelin)

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