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The children, even when they're not participating as soldiers, are moved on or forced from their communities. It has enormous psychological as well as physical impact on children. (Quote by - Carol Bellamy)

Great leaders have impact, and no one illustrated that better than Gloria Molina. For two decades, she has promoted Hispanic political participation by example and advocacy. (Quote by - Jesus Chavarria)

It's good news if you can increase participation and increase performance of that group at the same time, ... It goes against the trend. (Quote by - Brian O'Reilly)

We are ready to build large underground gas storages in Turkey, to participate in the privatization of Turkey's gas-distribution networks, to use the existing and participate in the construction of new pipelines in order to supply our energy resources through Turkey to third countries, including in southern Europe, (Quote by - Vladimir Putin)

We want to encourage people to participate in preserving Eagle County history. We want to provide a service where people would be willing to entrust us with their original photographs and documents. (Quote by - Charlyn Canada)

We're trying to bring all of that back, ... We've had teams come in, and we're encouraging public participation. It's a big community effort that's great for morale. It's good to have the townspeople come out to see our firefighting skills and get some good food and fellowship, too. (Quote by - Chief Joseph)

Through our participation in these kind of events, we want to make our presence felt. India is a growing market in terms of hospitality business and our products are well known in the industry. (Quote by - Oscar Fernandes)

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