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October Quotes
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I abandoned chemistry to concentrate on mathematics and physics. In 1942, I travelled to Cambridge to take the scholarship examination at Trinity College, received an award and entered the university in October 1943. (Quote by - John Pople)

Here at the house, I've been decorating it and getting it organized. My best friend moved in in October so I've been getting her settled. She's my personal assistant now. (Quote by - Picabo Street)

I paid the prices of life Standing where Rome immortal heard October's strife, A war poet whose right of honour cuts falsehood like a knife. (Quote by - Ivor Gurney)

This October, we renew the fight against domestic violence and abuse in America. Together, we can eliminate domestic violence from homes across the country and ensure that our children grow up in healthy, peaceful communities. (Quote by - Lucille Roybal-Allard)

From Nelson county we went to Logan county to see some relatives we had there, and after staying until the middle of October, I returned alone to my home in Missouri. (Quote by - Jesse James)

Chicago is an October sort of city even in spring. (Quote by - Nelson Algren)

October, her s to you. Her s to the heady aroma of the frost-kissed apples, the wine-y spell of ripened grapes, the wild-as-the-wind smell of hickory nuts and the nostalgic whiff of that first wood smoke. (Quote by - Ken Weber)

There is no season when such pleasant and sunny spots may be lighted on, and produce so pleasant an effect on the feelings, as now in October (Quote by - Nathaniel Hawthorne)

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