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All successful newpapers are ceaselessly querulous and bellicose. They never defend anyone or anything if they can help it; if the job is forced upon them, they tackle it by denouncing someone or something else. (Quote by - H. L. Mencken)

What er men do, or say, or think, or dream, Our motley paper seizes for its theme. (Quote by - Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis)

Don't worry over what the newspapers say. I don't. Why should anyone else? I told the truth to the newspaper correspondents - but when you tell the truth to them they are at sea. (Quote by - William Howard Taft)

Reading someone els s newspaper is like sleeping with someone els s wife. Nothing seems to be precisely in the right place, and when you find what you are looking for, it is not clear then how to respond to it. (Quote by - Malcolm Bradbury)

It is the newspape s duty to print the news and raise hell. (Quote by - Wilbur F. Storey)

I wish I had as much in bed as I get in the newspapers. (Quote by - Linda Ronstadt)

Each day a few more lies eat into the seed with which we are born, little institutional lies from the print of newspapers, the shock waves of television, and the sentimental cheats of the movie screen. (Quote by - Norman Mailer)

The advertisements are the most truthful part of a newspaper. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

I think I understand what military fame is; to be killed on the field of battle and have your name misspelled in the newspapers. (Quote by - William Tecumseh Sherman)

To the press alone, chequered as it is with abuses, the world is indebted for all the triumphs which have been gained by reason and humanity over error and oppression. (Quote by - James Madison)

I read the newspapers avidly. It is my one form of continuous fiction. (Quote by - Aneurin Bevan)

Newspapers are to the body politic what arteries are to the human body, their function being to carry blood and sustenance and repair to every part of the body. (Quote by - Henry Ward Beecher)

We live under a government of men and morning newspapers. (Quote by - Wendell Phillips)

We live in the midst of alarms; anxiety beclouds the future; we expect some new disaster with each newspaper we read. (Quote by - Abraham Lincoln)

This thing that Colin Powell's son is expected to do is kind of scary when you think that television and radio and newspapers are what make people think what they think. (Quote by - Jim McKay)

Newspapers will ultimately engross all literature. (Quote by - Alphonse de Lamartine)

I suppose I will go on selling newspapers until at last will come the late night final. (Quote by - William Maxwell Aitken)

Half the American population no longer reads newspapers: plainly, they are the clever half. (Quote by - Gore Vidal)

I have had only two men in four years while he appears every week on the newspapers with another woman. (Quote by - Michelle Hunziker)

I was very lucky all three newspapers approached me and asked me to draw their cartoons for them. (Quote by - Jonathan Shapiro)

I had some connections from the newspapers that I did work with up there, so there was a newspaper publisher in Hollywood, and they promised me work and so on. (Quote by - Marc Davis)

The newspapers loved pinup pictures of pretty young swimmers, and as a national champion, I got more than my share of space in the sports pages. (Quote by - Esther Williams)

It is uplifting to lose on s faith in a reality which looks the way it is described in a newspaper. (Quote by - Karl Kraus)

Many a good newspaper story has been ruined by oververification. (Quote by - James Gordon Bennett)

I do not take a single newspaper nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely happier for it. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

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