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Neutrality Quotes
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This is a small rink and we knew that we could shut them down in the neutral zone. That was just a good high school hockey game. (Quote by - Bob Gilligan)

If net neutrality goes away, it will fundamentally change everything about the Internet. (Quote by - James Hilton)

To come back from 11 down in the final five or six minutes at a neutral site against a great team does show a lot about our toughness. (Quote by - Patrick Sparks)

In Tetrad form, the artefact is seen to be not neutral or passive, bur an active logos or utterance of the human mind or body that transforms the user and his ground. (Quote by - Marshall McLuhan)

We took a neutral position on it.. We did not realize nor understand the fact that this was going to involve such an increase in the municipal street lighting bills. (Quote by - Don Zimmerman)

The judge is the neutral objective party whose job is to weigh and measure all the surrounding circumstances and decide what's fair. By conditioning a plea, the district attorney is playing the role of both prosecutor and judge. (Quote by - William Petrillo)

Playing on a neutral floor in the tournament so who knows what's going to happen. (Quote by - Dee Bell)

I?d be less than honest if I told you there was a great deal of sympathy for the net neutrality idea right now. (Quote by - Art Brodsky)

I just think a woman's wardrobe has been so neutral for so long, ... And all of a sudden it's not wrong to wear color. (Quote by - Mark Badgley)

I don't know we'll ever be off neutral. (Quote by - Dave Warren)

We're already starting to hear from consumer advocacy groups that they absolutely are going to make Net neutrality a big part of the regulatory review of this merger. (Quote by - Joseph Laszlo)

A wise neuter joins with neither, but uses both as his honest interest leads him. (Quote by - William Penn)

The Fed is in a process of returning rates to neutral and we still have a view of 4.25 percent by year-end. (Quote by - Philip Wee)

I don't like the idea of a coin toss. A solution for that is a neutral site. (Quote by - Dave Hunter)

People who demand neutrality in any situation are usually not neutral but in favor of the status quo. (Quote by - Max Eastman)

I don't see [net neutrality] as a necessary element. I think that if we can reach an agreement, it would be a positive addition to the bill. (Quote by - Joe Barton)

We believed this was the proper venue and that she could certainly get a fair and neutral review of her case. (Quote by - Sean Cullen)

It's an accurate reference. It's not a question of neutrality. (Quote by - Kenneth Bandler)

We did a good job in the neutral zone. We allowed them to dump 50-50 pucks into the zone as opposed to using their speed to turn our defense. (Quote by - Drew Clarkin)

Mandated net neutrality would further sour Wall Street's taste for broadband infrastructure investments, making it increasingly difficult to sustain the necessary capital investments. (Quote by - Craig E. Moffitt)

It was like a pond hockey game through the neutral zone. (Quote by - Bryan Murray)

The government must pursue a course of complete neutrality toward religion. (Quote by - John Paul Stevens)

That's definitely a bonus. I would much rather play them at a neutral site. (Quote by - Dalila Eshe)

There is no operating manual that says what a neutral fed funds rate is, but the Fed knows that it's higher than 3 percent, (Quote by - Mark Vitner)

Is like that middle, neutral ground, between the East Coast and the West Coast, not the States, but close, not all indie movies, some Hollywood stuff, not just fall movies, but some holiday things. It bridges a lot of gaps for movie people. (Quote by - Paula Wagner)

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