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I think once Tuesday 3/8comes, I might get a little nervous. But I'm still just looking forward to it, getting ready and getting pumped up about it. (Quote by - Tom Gorzelanny)

I started getting a little nervous. I'm telling myself, 'Don't mess up anything.' So then I end up making bogey on that hole. (Quote by - Barrett Milam)

He and his wife, Carie, are extremely excited and a little bit nervous. They're very excited about bringing 'Baby Joe' back. (Quote by - Tim Maloney)

I was never nervous. That's not me, ... Nervousness, scariness, that's not even in our vocabulary. (Quote by - Vince Young)

I think the guys just ran out of gas. I didn't think we were nervous at the start at all, we gave it all we had tonight. They were just very athletic and had great size. They have all the pieces to go all the way. (Quote by - Chris Kirkby)

I felt a little nervous. I know I pitched well, but I can't be happy because the team lost. (Quote by - Felix Hernandez)

It's a wake-up call for the bond market, ... The bond market was nervous to begin with that the goldilocks scenario wasn't panning out, and this report appears to confirms that. (Quote by - Andrew Pyle)

Of the duo, I?m definitely more nervous and uptight. He?s normally relaxed. In fact, he sometimes tells me to go away so he can stay focused. (Quote by - Mark Durante)

He was still a little nervous going into the final. He didn't come out with that fire that he had earlier. But he'll get that back. (Quote by - Dave Schmidt)

They're scared, nervous, sometimes a little panicked by the situation, (Quote by - Guy Davis)

I thought we were a little nervous. It was a quiet bus ride, but Queensbury's first goal was a wake-up call. (Quote by - Walt Peretti)

When they cut it to one, I wasn't really nervous but anxious. But I knew that if we just buckled down, we weren't going to lose this game. (Quote by - Daviin Davis)

You get a little nervous playing in front of everybody. Obviously, it's cool. (Quote by - Tim Tierney)

We were kind of nervous on the bus wondering what it was going to be like. A lot of the schools here have been here four or five times and for us it's the first time. (Quote by - Dan Labbate)

I think we needed it. In the first half we looked very nervous, very edgy. But we got the goal on the break. Confidence is a big thing in football. This run we've had has been hard to take. (Quote by - Alan Curbishley)

Family dinners are more often than not an ordeal of nervous indigestion, preceded by hidden resentment and ennui and accompanied by psychosomatic jitters. (Quote by - M F K Fisher)

Intel is down but not out. We have a very nervous market and it's the dog days of summer, ... We are short-term overbought so we're giving some of it back with the excuse being Intel. (Quote by - Al Goldman)

I would get nervous whenever I heard a storm coming? . I had to replace parts on the machine at least four times in the first four years I had it. (Quote by - Chris King)

Time is the nervous system of narration, whether factual or fictive. If it gets confused some of the minutiae of human nature are certain not to work, not to glow, not to strike home. (Quote by - Glenway Wescott)

I didn't want to get mad. I've been mad all week. Grumpy, nervous. (Quote by - Bruce Weber)

We were going into this kind of nervous because we knew anything could happen. (Quote by - Antonio Corona)

I'll be a little nervous, because I didn't get to train much over break. But once I get on the starting blocks, I'll forget about that stuff and just go. (Quote by - Courtney Jones)

We had a long talk after the Iowa game. I was a little nervous to see how we would come out, but the guys have responded pretty well all year. (Quote by - Thad Matta)

I was walking with Mike Weir, and Mike said he was more nervous watching these guys putt than he was putting to win the Masters. I'm glad it was Ernie putting. (Quote by - Adam Scott)

We were getting a little nervous in February. It would have been grim if the storms didn't come back this year. But we've had a great winter. (Quote by - Dave Powell)

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