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  Nervousness Quotes

This section contains Nervousness Quotes

He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper Which fiddle-strings is weakness to expredge my nerves this night! (Quote by - Edmund Burke)

You do have a defensive consumer. If the consumer is very nervous and uncertain about what is going to be happening, you don't know how they're going to react. (Quote by - Delos Smith)

We were a little nervous at the end there. But they stepped up at the end, and Ryan Goodwin was great down the stretch. (Quote by - Dan Rucker)

Structural nervousness creeps into the market from time to time but interest rates still favor the dollar. (Quote by - Daragh Maher)

It does make me a little nervous. I can throw three pitches, miss a couple of spots, and Carl can tell me exactly what I'm doing wrong. The next three pitches will be right where I want them to be. (Quote by - C.C. Sabathia)

It took us a little while. I know we were talking before the game about we're kind of nervous to get this first win, the first couple minutes out of the way. I think we adjusted well in the second half. (Quote by - Charles Lee)

I'm very excited about it. I'll get more nervous as the game nears. (Quote by - Cassie Kerns)

He goes to her when he gets nervous or gets scared. (Quote by - Tom Ness)

I was very nervous. I just tried to block out all the noise. (Quote by - Demetrius Serrano)

I get nervous when I don't get nervous. If I'm nervous I know I'm going to have a good show. (Quote by - Beyonce Knowles)

I guess we're happy for the moisture, but we're a little nervous about our new calves. (Quote by - Faye Burke)

When it comes to basketball, I've never been nervous in my life. Why start now? (Quote by - Craig Austrie)

I read the paper and it makes me nervous. (Quote by - Chris Nelson)

They're alive and they're not having nervous breakdowns, they're obviously speaking quite sensibly, even though we don't know what they're saying. (Quote by - Bruce Kent)

It was just a roller coaster. We didn't really get rattled or get nervous or anything like that. We just pulled together. (Quote by - Cameron Bennerman)

In the beginning they were nervous and not playing their game. Once they hit cross-court returns, they were able to be aggressive and hit good shots. (Quote by - Cheryl Bianchi)

I'll still be nervous tomorrow morning. We just went 4.49 and Melanie went 4.50. That's not a huge advantage. There are lots of cars right there that could win. We just qualified a little bit better than they did. (Quote by - Tony Schumacher)

I was so nervous about performing well I worked out a lot all summer. (Quote by - Briiana Rende)

I get too nervous. I get too uptight. I get too antisocial. (Quote by - Bruce Barber)

There's very little evidence that the market is nervous about the transition at this point. (Quote by - Bill Dudley)

We were very nervous. Everyone on the table was kind of anxious to see what the results were. We're really fortunate to have this opportunity. (Quote by - Carlynn Savant)

I was quite nervous about whether I could throw out the ball and hit it spot on. He didn't even have to move to catch it. I was quite happy. (Quote by - Eileen collins)

I'm always nervous before I go on stage, but once I'm out there everything is great and it's my favorite place to be. (Quote by - Christina Aguilera)

We weren't nervous in the final minutes. We were on edge. (Quote by - Taurean Green)

A lot of us were nervous knowing that it's a big game, a big situation and we haven't thrown, haven't faced a hitter in two weeks. If I have to rest until March or February, so be it. We live with it as long as we win. (Quote by - Cliff Politte)

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