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Nervousness Quotes
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I was so nervous. It seemed like the quickest nine holes I've ever played, it went so fast. (Quote by - Brett Bergman)

I was a little nervous, 'cause for me, it's kinda like taking a big step and really doing something different, (Quote by - Carmen Electra)

Well as soon as it hit, everyone was a little nervous because Katrina was going right though New Orleans. All the phones are down, can't get a hold of him. (Quote by - David McFarren)

Two are brand-new, and a little bit nervous. One is a transfer student from Washington state. (Quote by - Cindy Gomez)

I am excited and a little bit nervous. Overall I am very glad to be invited to camp. (Quote by - Viola Odebrecht)

The risk right now is really high and the markets are nervous and volatile. The most liquid stocks are bound to go first. (Quote by - Celso Senise)

Alright, buddy, I'm just real nervous about it. (Quote by - Carl Edwards)

We were kind of nervous coming into this game because if they could make bad calls then, they could make them here. But we just came out and scored early and that's what put them away. (Quote by - Antonio Corona)

I was just really nervous, really tight. I couldn't release myself, but I dug deep and actually thought about the 2003 final where I played so well. (Quote by - Wayne Arthurs)

I was a little nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach. (Quote by - Zayven Reese)

Does it make you nervous for you to talk to me? (Quote by - Howard Stern)

Just to keep it simple, not make too many mistakes. Play my game and not get too nervous. It's a big jump. (Quote by - Carsen Germyn)

I was nervous about the change in the enrollment standards. (Quote by - Crystal Smith)

She was a big contributor on vault, so we were a little nervous about that. (Quote by - Allison Szatek)

I was very nervous at the start of the round, I almost felt like I was teeing-off at the Masters or something. But after three holes I managed to settle down and started playing better. (Quote by - Ernie Els)

We played the way we wanted. We were a little nervous for the first period. After that we had no problems. Everything was under control. That was a good sign. (Quote by - Teemu Selanne)

Real estate got so expensive, it made me nervous. (Quote by - Kurt DeMunbrun)

I was like, you know, embarrassed a little bit. The ball was so fast and I was really nervous because I thought I can really hurt him. But finally after a few seconds he just recovered and I was happy because of that. (Quote by - Feliciano Lopez)

U.S. tech workers, ... are increasingly nervous about employers' use of temporary non-U.S. citizens in tech jobs. The most anxiety comes from the most vulnerable. (Quote by - Cynthia Morgan)

I thought I might whiff, I was so nervous. (Quote by - Chris DiMarco)

We started to get a little nervous, because we knew the whole season was on the line. So we took a deep breath and stuck with it. We never let it get to us and just kept playing tough defense. (Quote by - Caitlin Hyduke)

I think there may have been some nervousness, but after reading the plea agreement today and seeing that only one person was named, there's got to be a little bit of relief out there. (Quote by - Carl Forti)

Inside he's really excited and nervous, but he's able to channel it outside to where it's probably an asset for him. (Quote by - Floyd Bannister)

I was kind of nervous during the drum break. But I didn't mess up, so that was good. (Quote by - Thomas McConnell)

We were a little nervous in the first half, but we finally settled down. (Quote by - Tim Fowler)

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