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Nervousness Quotes
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Caravel has a very good team. I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous. That was just a tough, tough game. (Quote by - Diane Richardson)

He wasn't nervous because he's won three times on the Nationwide Tour. (Quote by - Carlos Franco)

I was kind of nervous. He was coming back at me and I was not hitting very good shots. (Quote by - Edoardo Molinari)

I'm in absolute shock. I cannot believe it. It is absolutely amazing -- I was so nervous beforehand I had stomach cramps. (Quote by - Leisel Jones)

The bandit who robbed us wasn't nervous. I was surprised with the speed of the robbery. (Quote by - David Gee)

I'm glad I didn't fall when I got up, that would have been in the bloopers. I was nervous, but I'll be back next year. (Quote by - Daryl Gardener)

I think it's a whole bunch of things, I think it's nervousness. (Quote by - Tubby Goodwin)

Miller did an amazing job in this big of a venue. She didn't seem nervous at all. (Quote by - Caitlin Hyduke)

I never get nervous. Baseball consists of two things: hitting and pitching, and we've got both. (Quote by - Carl Pohlad)

When winter starts to approach, I get nervous about my skin. (Quote by - Christine Clifford)

Once we got them home it was like they've always been here. They're not intimidated. They're not shy, not nervous or anything. It's just been amazing. (Quote by - Cindy Kraft)

I'm nervous. But when we step on the court, it's down to business. (Quote by - Colin Purdon)

Everyone wants a job and is nervous about keeping it. (Quote by - Fran Quittel)

I'm a little nervous, I'm scared. I have some fears. (Quote by - Beth McNeil)

As a shareholder you get nervous when companies say they are looking at the U.S., because historically, UK firms haven't made a good fist of it over there. (Quote by - Colin Morton)

Market nervousness can lead to counterparty nervousness, which can lead to rating agency nervousness and banker nervousness, and the company's financial flexibility could become impaired. (Quote by - Carol Levenson)

I think that's what made people nervous. There wasn't any way to know for sure or to find out. (Quote by - Dave Cook)

I'm kind of nervous about leaving the job, I've been doing it for so long. (Quote by - Arthur Winston)

I was a tad nervous because I knew we had their number over the years. (Quote by - Chris Kenny)

And my family was a little nervous. But she went away and came back fine without a hitch. (Quote by - Chris Colombo)

I was a little nervous going in, because it was my last time starting the season like this. But once I got out there, I felt real good. (Quote by - Dan White)

You're going to have to call it, bud, ... nervous to call it. (Quote by - Tony Stewart)

There is some nervousness in the market about U.S. rates after last week's euphoria, when everyone was so sure that the rate will stay flat. (Quote by - Daniel Negrisori)

I'm very nervous. Balance is an outstanding horse. I think she'll be the one to beat. Balance is making the biggest step forward. (Quote by - Christopher Paasch)

Coaches do get very nervous. (Quote by - Urban Meyer)

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