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Nervousness Quotes
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We were a little concerned about them being nervous and I think some of them were. After we got into it, they realized it is just another wrestling match. (Quote by - Bill Plein)

We're young, we were a little nervous, but Fauquier has a good team. We talked about some stuff we can get better at. It was not a good night for us, but they have a very good team. (Quote by - Dean Spahr)

I was too excited to be nervous about it, ... I felt comfortable and was excited to be on national TV. It really got my blood flowing. (Quote by - Brandon Davis)

Everyone's nervous, once you hand over your weapons you're exposed. (Quote by - Damien Kingsbury)

The market remains very nervous and volatile. While we have the turbulence in the U.S. markets, it's best to stay clear. (Quote by - Celso Senise)

The first half, I was a little nervous. But my teammates kept telling me to shoot the ball more and shoot it with confidence. (Quote by - Eddie Brown)

I get pretty nervous before all the games, but especially here and at the Garden. (Quote by - Christopher Higgins)

We are becoming increasingly nervous about our call for a 25 basis point rate cut at the February ... meeting, even if we are not yet ready to throw in the towel and push back the next rate move to the spring. (Quote by - Alan Castle)

They're nervous. They're avoiding the inevitable. (Quote by - Bud Collins)

I wasn't nervous at all before the match. I felt like I was going to win. I've worked ridiculously hard for this. (Quote by - Cory Lempka)

It's a great finish. As a player, there aren't many times when you get more nervous than hitting that second shot into 16, hitting to that island green on 17 and hitting that tee shot on 18. (Quote by - Brad Faxon)

Being in the stands is very difficult. I was never playing but I am nervous watching, waiting. (Quote by - Yannick Noah)

Those free throws were huge. I was nervous. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't. (Quote by - Chris Paul)

Historically when people have been scared and nervous, there's been an uptick in science fantasy horror. You're telling allegorical tales and shining a light back on society. (Quote by - David Goyer)

I have to admit I was a little nervous; it is the Olympics. But I was ready, and I have no expectations. (Quote by - Emily Hughes)

I don't know why they would be nervous around me, ... They way they hit the ball, I got intimidated. They hit it so far it was unreal. It was fun. They're good young players. They knocked the dirt out of that thing. (Quote by - Arnold Palmer)

I don't know if we were nervous, but we came out flat. (Quote by - Brian Gionta)

While this market is starved for good news, it is still nervous -- if we don't see favorable numbers tomorrow it could be a negative. (Quote by - Walt Czaicki)

Some smaller providers get nervous when you start talking about a rating system. (Quote by - Chris Duggan)

I think he was nervous at first, but when the nerves calmed down he came through. (Quote by - Dwayne Bolt)

I was very pleased with the way they kept coming back. We came out a little bit nervous on offense, but kept picking ourselves up. (Quote by - Bob Mayerhofer)

You have to be nervous about the earnings outlook because the capacity for shocks is still there and the market's mood is still fragile. (Quote by - Tony Jackson)

This feels great. Especially being a freshman. Sometimes I get nervous feeling I have to prove myself. (Quote by - Brittany Morris)

I was nervous the whole game. We didn't show up until the last 20 minutes of the game. (Quote by - Chris Raichle)

What I absolutely can't do is just sit around, that drives me crazy. I go nuts! I'm far too nervous, too high strung to sit around. It's not my thing; I can't deal with it! (Quote by - Jonathan Davis)

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