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Nervousness Quotes
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It's always nervous in the first round. You never know what is going to happen this time of year. (Quote by - Craig Faire)

It was great to get through. I think we were all a bit nervous - we are relieved to have made it. We will be trying our best - we want it for each other. (Quote by - Lee McConnell)

I wasn't nervous. I didn't have much to lose. He was the No. 2 seed. (Quote by - Ryan Watson)

I wasn't nervous. It is hockey. Why am I supposed to be nervous? I'm relaxed just playing the game. (Quote by - Ilya Bryzgalov)

We really wanted to do a better job in the second half. This team made me nervous and I felt that we had to come out with the mentality that we were down. (Quote by - Cathy Nixon)

I was very nervous, ... I've got to do a better job of hitting my spots. I was leaving the ball all over the plate. (Quote by - Chris Booker)

Only two weeks after the last move it would have portrayed considerable nervousness if they had moved rates again. (Quote by - Thomas Mayer)

I was so nervous, ... I had to go out to my car and bring them my headshot after I auditioned because I was so nervous that I forgot to bring it in. (Quote by - Thomas McDaniel)

Why should I be nervous? We've got the best car and the best driver out there, and he was in first place. (Quote by - Darian Grubb)

Nobody had a nervous breakdown. Same situation you've got there. It's the price of being city manager - undergoing public scrutiny. (Quote by - Terry Francke)

She gets very nervous for me. It's hard taking the pressure off . . . I have to deal with a little more pressure than others do. (Quote by - Elli Ochowicz)

I can't say I got nervous on that putt. I just moved on it. I got quick. I just lost concentration. (Quote by - Greg Owen)

I think we played nervous at the beginning and we were tense. We know they're a team that's struggling, but that's a dangerous kind of team. (Quote by - Craig Conroy)

I was kind of nervous, especially when they had all that momentum in the fourth. It was kind of shaky there. Rebounding is something where we did not do a good job. There is no excuse for that. (Quote by - Bob Marquardt)

All of the exposure and all of the training paid off, ... I learned how to deal with the nervousness and the excitement and the fear before the fight. (Quote by - Tommy Davis)

I could sense he was a little bit nervous. He had been the starter here for a couple of years. He came in kind of quiet, and we knew that had to change. (Quote by - Dan Mullen)

The market is very nervous, very volatile, and volume is tight. It's best to stay out of it. (Quote by - Celso Senise)

I was nervous coming in. But once you get on that court, its such an amazing experience. I just felt right out there. I really wanted to go in there and compete and show that we should be there. (Quote by - Courtney Vandersloot)

I was nervous about it at first. But they said he would get used to it quickly, and he did. (Quote by - Cheri Simmons)

Buyers are nervous that they're buying at the top of the market. (Quote by - Aaron Zapata)

We were very proud. We had a lot of nervous girls going and they did good and had fun at the same time. The girls were pleased with their finish as well as the coaches. (Quote by - Carol Peschel)

Do you want to know the surefire way to stay anxious? Do t do the thing that makes you nervous! (Quote by - Larina Kase)

We were a little bit nervous, it was our first time on center court and it was so big, and so many people. We just tried our best. (Quote by - Yan Zi)

They were nervous about that, but it is meant to be a code. The fact that they agreed in the first place is extraordinarily imaginative. (Quote by - Ben Harrison)

I definitely think we were a little bit nervous. We just wanted to make sure we got through the first quarter. Things can blow up in your face pretty quick in this gym. (Quote by - Brad Tingey)

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