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Nervousness Quotes
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I think it helps having been there before. You're not as nervous. (Quote by - Brett Nelson)

People are getting nervous about H-share prices. At this level, H-shares are quite high. (Quote by - Castor Pang)

We just weren't clicking. We are a really young team and we were tight. We were nervous. (Quote by - Alexa Mennen)

We had a feeling in the locker room before the game. Guys were excited, nervous and tight in a good way. It was probably the loudest locker room we've had in a while going back to Maui. (Quote by - Tom Moore)

I'm so excited and can't quite believe it. When I went to London for the interviews I was very nervous because I really wanted to do well but never expected to get this far. (Quote by - Daniel Collins)

It went really well. I did have a moment of feeling really nervous but once you get to the studios things happen so fast, it's all over before you know it. (Quote by - Pippa Rees)

The market is nervous. We're in a transition period as we get through all the accounting issues. (Quote by - Alan Skrainka)

I pitched in front of 10,000 people in the minors but I've never been so nervous as standing in front of 1,500 people. ... You're it, you're the guy when that dog goes back and sits. (Quote by - Dan Jacobs)

There were some things that went wrong, which made me a little nervous. But things turned out okay. (Quote by - Eileen Givens)

I think the citizens of this city are nervous about overdevelopment, ... We want development, yes, but we don't want it all in downtown in one area. (Quote by - E. Helm)

Oh, great. This is going to be like shooting baskets with Magic Johnson watching. [On watching Independence Day with President Clinton] (Quote by - Bill Pullman)

We were nervous. Jacksonville has been here before and they know what to expect. (Quote by - Benjamin Cantu)

I didn't think I got nervous, but I got a little nervous during my solo. (Quote by - Matt Christensen)

There was a lot of nervousness before the game, a lot of buildup, but overall I felt good. (Quote by - Eddy Curry)

I was so nervous. All I could think of was, 'I don't deserve a lesson with Tiger Woods.' But he instantly put me at ease and gave me some good pointers. (Quote by - Teri Hatcher)

I was more nervous to meet them than I was for my Olympic race. I mean, how do you thank somebody for saving your life at the same time they just endured a horrible family tragedy? (Quote by - Chris Klug)

The metals are looking nervous, the sell-offs are providing the dip-buyers with good opportunities but for a change the follow-on buying seems to be reluctant to join in. (Quote by - William Adams)

The market sentiment now is much more nervous. (Quote by - Tetsu Emori)

I was bloody nervous - the pressure was on, (Quote by - Anthony Dawson)

That should make you nervous. (Quote by - Betsy Burton)

But he was nervous again in the eighth frame and I took the game easily. (Quote by - Ding Junhui)

In the book DC Confidential, ... never appeared to be sufficiently up on these issues and he always seemed nervous. (Quote by - Christopher Meyer)

We played most of the game like we weren't nervous, but we have to learn to be the aggressor. We can't get discouraged. We have to keep working. We can compete with the teams in this region. (Quote by - Donald Thompson)

I was a little nervous given the enormity of the moment. But I knew she would say yes. (Quote by - Eric Nies)

It feels so great. I was a little nervous, being at the Olympics. I just had to go out there and attack everything. (Quote by - Emily Hughes)

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