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The assumption had been that a-MSH was most important at keeping energy balanced in people. The new studies point the finger at the neglected sibling, -MSH. (Quote by - Stephen O'Rahilly)

What ought to be done is neglected, what ought not to be done is done; the desires of unruly, thoughtless people are always increasing. (Quote by - Friedrich Max Muller)

The kids don't have many of these events. Often, these children are taken from their homes because they are abused and neglected. This (party) makes them feel wanted. (Quote by - Roseann Pietz)

The 12th District has been so long neglected. What we would like to do is make Watt earn his seat. We want to get his record out there. (Quote by - Charona Remillard)

Do not associate with Allah any other god, lest you sit down despised, neglected. (Quote by - Quran)

It wounds a man less to confess that he has failed in any pursuit through idleness, neglect, the love of pleasure, etc., etc., which are his own faults, than through incapacity and unfitness, which are the faults of his nature. (Quote by - Lord Melbourne)

The tour company neglected to check the schedule. (Quote by - Steve Mulvenon)

We must never neglect the patient's own use of his symptoms. (Quote by - Alfred Adler)

Great merit, or great failings, will make you respected or despised; but trifles, little attentions, mere nothings, either done or neglected, will make you either liked or disliked in the general run of the world. (Quote by - Lord Chesterfield)

It will generally be found that men who are constantly lamenting their ill luck are only reaping the consequences of their own neglect, mismanagement, and improvidence, or want of application. (Quote by - Samuel Smiles)

out of touch with the priorities of the business community. Interestingly, as the election grows closer, the mayor is scurrying to begin projects which have long been neglected. The South Terminal pier reconstruction is one project that he should begin immediately. (Quote by - Scott Lang)

Child abuse and neglect offend the basic values of our state. We have a responsibility to provide safe settings for at-risk children and facilitate permanent placement for children who cannot return home. (Quote by - Matt Blunt)

No Georgian has the right to evade or neglect his duties and responsibilities. (Quote by - Eduard Shevardnadze)

You have to be careful at that time (Christmas) because you don't want an animal to come back and end up being neglected again. (Quote by - Wanda McFarland)

Norway felt this is a district that has been neglected by the state. (Quote by - Pippi Soegaard)

I despise making the most of one's time. Half of the pleasures of life consist of the opportunities one has neglected. (Quote by - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.)

You think he would have noticed he didn't have it when he moved out. He neglected it for two months. He doesn't deserve it. (Quote by - Peter Stone)

O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams. (Quote by - Saint Augustine)

When you feel neglected, think of the female salmon, who lays 3,000,000 eggs but no one remembers her on Mother's Day. (Quote by - Sam Ewing)

She is an example of what we see everyday in southwest Florida, animals abandoned and neglected. (Quote by - Ria Brown)

I don't want to limit myself musically. It would be really limiting if we'd neglect something we really want to do, like explore other styles of music. (Quote by - Billie Joe Armstrong)

He that thinks he can afford to be negligent is not far from being poor. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

We had an opportunity. We didn't fully fund the pension system that we neglected last year. (Quote by - Sen. Joyce Mulliken)

What time he can spare from the adornment of his person he devotes to the neglect of his duties. (Quote by - William Hepworth Thompson)

They were wrapped and tagged and located in the chapel. For whatever the reasons, the people had died for medical reasons. They were sick people kept in the hospital and not neglected. (Quote by - Ronnie Sterling)

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