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Negativity Quotes
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You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what's that? Come up with a smiling face, It's nothing against you to fall down flat/ But to lie there-that's a disgrace. (Quote by - E. V. Cooke)

Any solution to a problem changes the problem. (Quote by - R. W. Johnson)

The man who tries to do something and fails is infinitely better than he who tries to do nothing and succeeds. (Quote by - Lloyd Jones)

When we blame, we give away our power. (Quote by - Greg Anderson)

Nothing fails like success because we don't learn from it. We learn only from failure. (Quote by - Kenneth Boulding)

Failures to heroic minds are the stepping stones to success. (Quote by - Thomas C. Haliburton)

Violence in the voice is often only the death rattle of reason in the throat. (Quote by - John F. Boyes)

On stage I make love to twenty five thousand people; and then I go home alone. (Quote by - Janis Joplin)

I may have faults, but being wrong ain't one of them. (Quote by - Jimmy Hoffa)

Difficulties are things that show a person what they are. (Quote by - Epictetus)

It is easier to discover a deficiency in individuals, in states, and in Providence, than to see their real import and value. (Quote by - Georg Hegel)

Knute Rockne liked bad loser. He said good losers lose too often. (Quote by - George E. Allen)

Pandemonium did not reign; it poured. (Quote by - John Hendrick Bangs)

We are enslaved by anything we do not consciously see. We are freed by conscious perception. (Quote by - Vernon Howard)

In cities no one is quiet but many are lonely; in the country, people are quiet but few are lonely. (Quote by - Geoffrey F. Fisher)

You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. (Quote by - Edwin Louis Cole)

A fault is sooner found than mended. (Quote by - Ulpian Fulwell)

Success has made failures of many men. (Quote by - Cindy Adams)

Discontent is something that follows ambition like a shadow. (Quote by - Henry H. Haskins)

Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. (Quote by - Eric Hoffer)

Calamity is the perfect glass wherein we truly see and know ourselves. (Quote by - William Davenant)

People have a natural tendency to flee to the mountains when things get tough. (Quote by - Stuart Briscoe)

Hatred can be overcome only by love. (Quote by - Mahatma Gandhi)

Wise men argue cases, fools decide them. (Quote by - Anacharsis)

To have a grievance is to have a purpose in life. (Quote by - Eric Hoffer)

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