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Negativity Quotes
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You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. (Quote by - Indira Gandhi)

Love blinds us to faults, but hatred blinds us to virtues. (Quote by - Iba Ezra)

I think we now come to the park expecting to win instead of playing not to lose. (Quote by - Eric Davis)

To most people loneliness is a doom. Yet loneliness is the very thing which God has chosen to be one of the schools of training for His very own. It is the fire that sheds the dross and reveals the gold. (Quote by - Bernard M. Martin)

Victory has a hundred fathers but defeat is an orphan. (Quote by - Galeazzo Ciano)

People deal too much with the negative, with what is wrong. Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom? (Quote by - Thich Nhat Hanh)

There is a time in the life of every problem when it is big enough to see, yet small enough to solve. (Quote by - Mike Leavitt)

Reject hatred without hating. (Quote by - Mary Baker Eddy)

We often pretend to fear what we really despise, and more often despise what we really fear. (Quote by - Charles Caleb Colton)

If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name at a Swiss bank. (Quote by - Woody Allen)

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. (Quote by - Dr Hans Selye)

As in nature, as in art, so in grace; it is rough treatment that gives souls, as well as stones, their luster. The more the diamond is cut the brighter it sparkles; and in what seems hard dealing, there God has no end in view but to perfect His people. (Quote by - Thomas Guthrie)

Anger is one of the sinews of the soul; he that wants it hath a maimed mind. (Quote by - Thomas Fuller)

One might as well try to ride two horses moving in different directions, as to try to maintain in equal force two opposing or contradictory sets of desires. (Quote by - Robert Collier)

There is pleasure in calm remembrance of a past sorrow. (Quote by - Marcus T. Cicero)

We must not contradict, but instruct him that contradicts us; for a madman is not cured by another running mad also. (Quote by - Antisthenes)

When you face your fear, most of the time you will discover that it was not really such a big threat after all. We all need some form of deeply rooted, powerful motivation -- it empowers us to overcome obstacles so we can live our dreams. (Quote by - Les Brown)

He without fear is king of the world. (Quote by - E. E. Eddison)

There is no arguing with him, for if his pistol misses fire, he knocks you down with the butt end of it. (Quote by - Oliver Goldsmith)

Most fear stems from sin; to limit one's sins, one must assuredly limit one's fear, thereby bringing more peace to one's spirit. (Quote by - Marvin Gaye)

Something of vengeance I had tasted for the first time; as aromatic wine it seemed, on swallowing, warm and racy: its after-flavor, metallic and corroding, gave me a sensation as if I had been poisoned. (Quote by - Charlotte Bronte)

As threshing separates the wheat from the chaff, so does affliction purify virtue. (Quote by - Sir Richard Burton)

Accept failure as a normal part of living. View it as part of the process of exploring your world; make a note of its lessons and move on. (Quote by - Tom Hobson)

The days are too short even for love; how can there be enough time for quarreling?. (Quote by - Margaret Gatty)

Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong. (Quote by - Ella Fitzgerald)

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