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Good manners and good morals are sworn friends and fast allies. (Quote by - C A Bartol)

I cannot believe that this country cannot come together around some values what these kids need is a moral life... the issue is not ideas, it is conduct. The real question is how we reach these young people morally, and what do we bring to them. (Quote by - Robert Coles)

Manners easily and rapidly mature into morals. (Quote by - Horace Mann)

Morals are in all countries the result of legislation and government; they are not African or Asian or European: they are good or bad. (Quote by - Denis Diderot)

Your morals and general character are strictly inquired into; it is therefore expected that you will improve every leisure moment in the acquirement of knowledge of your profession and you will recollect that a good moral character is essential to your high standing in the Navy. (Quote by - Franklin Buchanan)

Sportsmanship, next to the Church, is the greatest teacher of morals. (Quote by - Herbert Hoover)

The higher the building the lower the morals. (Quote by - Noel Coward)

Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what's right. (Quote by - Isaac Asimov)

He combines the manners of a Marquis with the morals of a Methodist. (Quote by - W S Gilbert)

My back swing off the first tee had put him in mond of an eldery woman of dubious morals trying to struggle out of a dress too tight around the shoulders. (Quote by - Patrick Campbell)

The laws of morals and the laws of music are the same. (Quote by - Zoltan Kodaly)

The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation. (Quote by - Jeremy Bentham)

The biggest threat to our well-being is the absence of moral clarity and purpose. (Quote by - Rick Shuman)

When the sun comes up, I have morals again. (Quote by - Elayne Boosler)

Custom forms us all; our thoughts, our morals, our most fixed belief, are consequences of our place of birth (Quote by - Aaron Hill)

A man who pretends to understand women is ad manners. For him to really to understand them is bad morals. (Quote by - Henry James)

When we start deceiving ourselves into thinking not that we want something or need something, not that it is a pragmatic necessity for us to have it, but that it is a moral imperative that we have it, then is when we join the fashionable madmen, and then is when the thin whine of hysteria is heard in the land, and then is when we are in bad trouble. (Quote by - Joan Didion)

One may as well be asleep as to read for anything but to improve his mind and morals, and regulate his conduct. (Quote by - Sterne)

Moral indignation in most cases is, 2% moral, 48% indignation, and 50% envy. (Quote by - Vittorio De Sica)

Every man, in his own opinion, forms an exception to the ordinary rules of morality. (Quote by - William Hazlitt)

The aim of morality is to give people a standard of action and a motive to work by which, they will not intensify each person's selfishness, but raise them up above it. (Quote by - Cecil J. Sharpe)

It seems to me that government is like a pump, and what it pumps up is just what we are, a fair sample of the intellect, the ethics and the morals of the people, no better, no worse. (Quote by - Adlai Stevenson)

Histories make men wise; poets, witty; the mathematics, subtile; natural philosophy, deep; morals, grave; logic and rhetoric, able to contend. (Quote by - Sir Francis Bacon)

Of course poets have morals and manners of their own, and custom is no argument with them. (Quote by - Thomas Hardy)

There's this idea that if you take your clothes off, somehow you must have loose morals. (Quote by - Demi Moore)

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