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All tragedies are finished by a death, all comedies by a marriage. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Marriage is the only war in which you sleep with the enemy (Quote by - Unknown)

Marriage is a romance in which the hero dies in the first chapter. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

To avoid mistakes and regrets, always consult your wife before engaging in a flirtation. (Quote by - E.W. Howe)

How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit. (Quote by - Billy Connolly)

If you made a list of the reasons why any couple got married, and another list of the reasons for their divorce, you'd have a hell of a lot of overlapping. (Quote by - Mignon McLaughlin)

After a few years of marriage a man can look right at a woman without seeing her and a woman can see right through a man without looking at him. (Quote by - Helen Rowland)

Marriage - a book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters in prose. (Quote by - Beverley Nichols)

Before I met my husband, I'd never fallen in love. I'd stepped in it a few times. (Quote by - Rita Rudner)

Our marriage has always been a 50-50 proposition - with the possible exception of closet space. (Quote by - Gene Perret)

Getting divorced just because you don't love a man is almost as silly as getting married just because you do. (Quote by - Zsa Zsa Gabor)

Love is a flower which turns into fruit at marriage. (Quote by - Finnish Proverb)

Politics doesn't make strange bedfellows - marriage does. (Quote by - Groucho Marx)

I figure that the degree of difficulty in combining two lives ranks somewhere between rerouting a hurricane and finding a parking place in downtown Manhattan. (Quote by - Claire Cloninger)

What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are, but how you deal with incompatibility. (Quote by - George Levinger)

What a happy and holy fashion it is that those who love one another should rest on the same pillow. (Quote by - Nathaniel Hawthorne)

The most dangerous food is wedding cake. (Quote by - American Proverb)

Marriage is like pleading guilty to an indefinite sentence. Without parole. (Quote by - John Mortimer)

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year. (Quote by - Paul Sweeney)

Bachelors know more about women than married men; if they didn't they'd be married too. (Quote by - H. L. Mencken)

No man is regular in his attendance at the House of Commons until he is married. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

Marriage is like a phone call in the night: first the ring, and then you wake up. (Quote by - Evelyn Hendrickson)

Women seem to be all right on bargains till it comes to picking out a husband. (Quote by - Kin Hubbard)

When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife. (Quote by - Prince Philip)

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