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I lie around the floor with my cats Billy and Jazz or watch DVDs with my best friends. (Quote by - Cathy Freeman)

We had common interests in the beauty of the French language. We both had a tremendous love of jazz. We shared dreams of getting married and having a family, living in the country, leading an idyllic life. (Quote by - David Amram)

My brother had a big band in high school; after that we continued to play together, eventually forming a group called the Jazz Brothers, that recorded for Riverside Records. (Quote by - Chuck Mangione)

It was the early days of Rock 'n' Roll in this country. We were all struggling to learn music, it might be Country, Jazz, Classical, Blues or even Rock 'n' Roll. (Quote by - Jim Sullivan)

I'm not going to play funk licks on a jazz album. That makes no sense. (Quote by - Branford Marsalis)

Jazz is what I play for a living. (Quote by - Louis Armstrong)

I fell in love with jazz when I was 12 years old from listening to Duke Ellington and hearing a lot of jazz in New York on the radio. (Quote by - Steve Lacy)

I am famous because I am an African American jazz artist. (Quote by - Nat King Cole)

Coltrane would do what you'd get a Roland Pro Tools module to do but with a group of jazz musicians. (Quote by - Colin Greenwood)

The stories from 1975 on are not finished and there is no resolve. I could spend 50 hours on the last 25 years of jazz and still not do it justice. (Quote by - Ken Burns)

What 'jazz' means to me is the worst kind of working conditions, the worst in cultural prejudice. The term 'jazz' has come to mean the abuse and exploitation of black musicians. (Quote by - Maxim Gorky)

I have always been a person who is concerned with the dignity of jazz music and the way jazz musicians have been treated and are treated, and the fact that the music has not been given the kind of due that it deserves. (Quote by - Sonny Rollins)

Jazz is a feeling, more than anything else. It isn't music, it's language... (Quote by - Enos Payne)

If he's a true symphony artist, he knows better than that because he knows that the only truly creative musician is the jazz musician. (Quote by - Buddy Rich)

I understood jazz, I understood how it worked. That's what I apply to everything. (Quote by - Van Morrison)

Jazz is a music made by and for people who have chosen to feel good in spite of conditions. (Quote by - Johnny Griffin)

What is jazz? It, It's almost like asking, What is French? Jazz is a musical language. It's a musical dialect that actually embodies the spirit of America. (Quote by - Branford Marsalis)

Eclecticism is the word. Like a jazz musician who creates his own style out of the styles around him, I play by ear. (Quote by - Ralph Ellison)

Jazz is there and gone. It happens. You have to be present for it. That simple. (Quote by - Keith Jarrett)

And I played in jazz band as well during all three years in school. (Quote by - Travis Barker)

One thing I like about jazz is that it emphasized doing things differently from what other people were doing. (Quote by - Herbie Hancock)

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible,is music. (Quote by - Aldous Huxley )

Jazz is a mental attitude rather than a style. It uses a certain process of the mind expressed spontaneously through some musical instrument. I'm concerned with retaining that process. (Quote by - Bill Evans)

I can turn on some jazz guitarist, and he won't do a thing for me, if he's not playing electrically. But Jeff Beck's great to listen to. (Quote by - Ritchie Blackmore)

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