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Diana Krall knocks me out. I like jazz and I like her simple approach. (Quote by - Merle Haggard)

In classical music, love is based on bitin' -- imitation. It's not based on interpretation. A jazz musician, if he plays someone else's song, has a responsibility to make a distinct and original statement. (Quote by - Todd Boyd)

Jazz is not the kind of music you are going to learn to play in three or four years or that you can just get because you have some talent for music. (Quote by - Wynton Marsalis)

I have a bachelor's and a master's in jazz. (Quote by - Jon Secada)

Though the Jazz Age continued it became less and less an affair of youth. The sequel was like a children's party taken over by the elders. (Quote by - F. Scott Fitzgerald)

I hate Stanley Clark, but I have to admit he's playing Jazz whether I like it or not. (Quote by - Lester Bangs)

I continued studying by myself in the field of jazz with my own technique of improvisation, walking bass lines, rhythms, all kinds of stuff, which I created for myself. (Quote by - Miroslav Vitous)

For years, Jazz At The Philharmonic albums were the only ones of their kind. (Quote by - Norman Granz)

I like a very dark house, just black. I sit there and just think. Once I'm still and quiet inside, I'll begin. It's very personal; it has to be. One song may be Bach, the next blues, a song from TV, or a nursery rhyme or jazz piece. (Quote by - Bobby McFerrin)

Jazz has an audience all around the globe and has had for many decades, I think speaking of the United States, let's say that what we need is more of an official recognition. (Quote by - Sonny Rollins)

The thing to judge in any jazz artist is, does the man project and does he have ideas. (Quote by - Miles Davis)

I think what we need is a more welcoming mode from the people who put on a hundred million country-western shows on television. How about a monthly jazz show? (Quote by - Sonny Rollins)

Jazz is the last refuge of the untalented. Jazz musicians enjoy themselves more than anyone listening to them does. (Quote by - Tony Wilson)

The point of jazz is, you do something and then you go on. (Quote by - Van Morrison)

I still love the whole history of jazz. The old things sound better than ever. (Quote by - Steve Lacy)

My mother was a jazz fanatic and she wanted me to play the piano so I could play jazz tunes. I wish I had learned but I was too busy getting into trouble! (Quote by - Etta James)

I think as long as people are around and can hear a record and hear people like Lester Young on a recording, there will always be a great inspiration for somebody to try to create jazz. (Quote by - Sonny Rollins)

When I sang that song, I felt it was almost as if some force had moved into my body. Things like that have only happened to me singing jazz. It doesn't happen when singing pop. I get so deeply into the music, it feels like I've become someone else. (Quote by - Rita Coolidge)

Jazz today, as always in the past, is a matter of thoughtful creation, not mere unaided instinct. (Quote by - Duke Ellington)

To most white people, jazz means black and jazz means dirt, and that's not what I play. I play black classical music. (Quote by - Nina Simone)

never heard of a jazz musician who retired. You love what you do, so what are you going to do? Play for the walls? (Quote by - Nat Adderley)

I don't want to appear hostile, like I'm hostile to L.A. or that I feel that the people don't appreciate jazz. I don't think it's that. I think it's something more. It's something a little bit more complicated than that. (Quote by - Sonny Rollins)

I listen to jazz mainly. Mainstream jazz. (Quote by - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

You're just sort of searching for this "thing" and sometimes you get it and sometimes you don't. All music is imperfect, but in jazz since you're improvising, at least the way I play, I'm trying to follow my train of thought in a solo. (Quote by - John Abercrombie)

I think I was supposed to play jazz. (Quote by - Herbie Hancock)

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