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I haven't a great jazz band, and I don't want one. (Quote by - Glenn Miller)

Jazz was uplifted by what I did. (Quote by - Norman Granz)

The whole point is, give me a break with the standards. You go to the average jazz label and suggest a record and they want to know which standards you're going to play. I'm saying let's break the formula. (Quote by - Branford Marsalis )

All the classic jazz players all sang and a lot of 'em sang blues. (Quote by - Mose Allison)

I enjoy playing clubs. I still enjoy the closeness of the nightclub venue. However, after a certain period of time and after playing around some of the clubs in New YorkI felt that jazz should be presented in a more prestigious atmosphere. (Quote by - Sonny Rollins)

Live action writers will give you a structure, but who the hell is talking about structure? Animation is closer to jazz than some kind of classical stage structure. (Quote by - Ralph Bakshi)

I'm saddened to see that everyone's pitched out the baby with the bath, in that we say that it can't be one or the other, it could be both. I mean, just because we listen to classical music doesn't mean that we can't listen to jazz. (Quote by - Don Bluth)

I'm just trying to avoid any sort of generic kind of music - I don't want to do generic jazz or fusion. (Quote by - Andy Summers)

The history of all big jazz bands shows was, first they played for dancing, and then they played for singing. (Quote by - Norman Granz)

By its very nature, no one person can ever be the center of jazz. (Quote by - Ken Burns)

People have taken time out of their day and spent their money to come sit down at a concert. And it's jazz music-it's not easy for them to get to it. I don't want them ever to feel that I'm taking their presence lightly. (Quote by - Wynton Marsalis)

I think the challenges for me was to go into the studio with these incredible jazz players and come up to their level of excellence. That's always a challenge. (Quote by - Rita Coolidge)

A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges. (Quote by - Benny Green)

I missed jazz, kind of. And by the time I came to it in life, it was too intimidating to enjoy thoroughly. (Quote by - Warren Zevon)

What makes my approach special is that I do different things. I do jazz, blues, country music and so forth. I do them all, like a good utility man. (Quote by - Ray Charles)

Jazz is a very accurate, curiously accurate accompaniment to 20th century America. (Quote by - Ken Burns)

I want them to come away with discovering the music inside them. And not thinking about themselves as jazz musicians, but thinking about themselves as good human beings, striving to be a great person and maybe they'll become a great musician. (Quote by - Charlie Haden)

Jazz is the music of the body (Quote by - Anais Nin)

Jazz is like wine. When it is new, it is only for the experts, but when it gets older, everybody wants it. (Quote by - Steve Lacy)

I listened to classical guitar and Spanish guitar, as well as jazz guitar players, rock and roll and blues. All of it. I did the same thing with my voice. (Quote by - Boz Scaggs)

Jazz is an intensified feeling of nonchalance. (Quote by - Fran oise Sagan)

Jazz will endure just as long people hear it through their feet instead of their brains. (Quote by - John Philip Sousa)

Now, the instrumentation in the jazz band and the jazz dance band has gone through many evolutions. For instance, in the 'twenties the tradition was two or three saxophones. (Quote by - Gerry Mulligan)

Europeans really provided many venues over there and hailed the jazz artists, and a lot of musicians went over there and stayed over there for a long time. A lot of them moved over there, lived over there, and died over there. (Quote by - Sonny Rollins)

I don't care too much about music. What I like is sounds (Quote by - Dizzy Gillespie)

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