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A sweet new blossom of humanity, fresh fallen from God's own home, to flower on earth (Quote by - Gerald Massey)

Advertising is a racket, like the movies and the brokerage business You cannot be honest without admitting that its constructive contribution to humanity is exactly minus zero. (Quote by - F Scott Fitzgerald)

Which is it, is man one of God's blunders or is God one of man's? (Quote by - Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)

What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly - that is the first law of nature. (Quote by - Voltaire)

This is a great loss, first and foremost for the Catholic Church and its hundreds of millions of believers, but also for humanity as a whole. (Quote by - Silvan Shalom)

The oneness of human beings is the basic ethical thread that holds us together. (Quote by - Muhammad Yunus)

We forge gradually our greatest instrument for understanding the world - introspection. We discover that humanity may resemble us very considerably - that the best way of knowing the inwardness of our neighbors is to know ourselves. (Quote by - Walter Lippmann)

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity (Quote by - Hippocrates)

Humanity, you never had it to begin with. (Quote by - Charles Bukowski)

To the press alone, chequered as it is with abuses, the world is indebted for all the triumphs which have been gained by reason and humanity over error and oppression. (Quote by - James Madison)

The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. (Quote by - Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy)

It is appallingly obvious that our technology exceeds our humanity. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

It may be, it just may be, that life as we know it with its humanity is more unique than many have thought. (Quote by - Lyndon B Johnson)

It is not what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice tell me I ought to do. (Quote by - Edmund Burke)

Man is physically as well as metaphysically a thing of shreds and patches, borrowed unequally from good and bad ancestors, and a misfit from the start. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Man's most valuable trait Is a judicious sense of what not to believe. (Quote by - Euripides)

There is nothing on earth divine except humanity. (Quote by - Walter Landor)

The return of my birthday, if I remember it, fills me with thoughts which it seems to be the general care of humanity to escape. (Quote by - Samuel Johnson)

The essence of humanity's spiritual dilemma is that we evolved genetically to accept one truth and discovered another Is there a way to erase the dilemma, to resolve the contradictions between the transcendentalist and the empiricist world views?. (Quote by - E O Wilson)

The great mass of humanity should never learn to read or write. (Quote by - D H Lawrence)

It's funny. All you have to do is say something nobody understands and they'll do practically anything you want them to. (Quote by - Holden Caulfield)

I believe in humanity. We are an incredible species. We're still just a child creature, we're still being nasty to each other. And all children go through those phases. We're growing up, we're moving into adolescence now. When we grow up - man, we're going to be something! (Quote by - Gene Roddenberry)

Our true nationality is mankind. (Quote by - H. G. Wells)

Without books the development of civilization would have been impossible. They are the engines of change, windows on the world, 'Lighthouses' as the poet said 'erected in the sea of time.' They are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of the mind. Books are humanity in print. (Quote by - Arthur Schopenhauer)

Literature is made upon any occasion that a challenge is put to the legal apparatus by conscience in touch with humanity. (Quote by - Nelson Algren)

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