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Hatred Quotes
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Hatred is active, and envy passive dislike; there is but one step from envy to hate. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Be ashamed of your hatred. Give up hatred and be quiet. (Quote by - Sri Sathya Sai Baba)

Hatred is a tonic, it makes one live, it inspires vengeance; but pity kills, it makes our weakness weaker. (Quote by - Honore de Balzac)

Blindness Hatred is blind, as well as love. (Quote by - Thomas Fuller)

Hatred is blind, as well as love. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred. (Quote by - Bible)

God's truth judges created things out of love, and Satan's truth judges them out of envy and hatred. (Quote by - Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

A foolishness is inflicted with a hatred of itself. (Quote by - Seneca)

You are done for - a living dead man - not when you stop loving but stop hating. Hatred preserves: in it, in its chemistry, resides the "mystery" of life. (Quote by - Emile M. Cioran)

Love, friendship, respect, do not unite people as much as a common hatred for something. (Quote by - Anton Chekhov)

If there is hatred, it's not from our side so it must be from theirs. Mind you, how DiMarco, a veteran of precisely one Ryder Cup, can say what he said is beyond me. (Quote by - Lee Westwood)

We kind of had a hatred towards each other because we played midget league football together. We became a family in the seventh and eighth grade. We just stuck together. (Quote by - Marcus Thomas)

A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestry and by common hatred of its neighbours. (Quote by - W. R. Inge)

A man is not learned because he talks much; he who is patient, free from hatred and fear, he is called learned. (Quote by - Friedrich Max Muller)

Out of Ireland have we come.(Quote by - Maimed us at the start. )

There was hatred in the back of that ambulance. (Quote by - Robert Perry)

It is time to put an end to all this. It is time to put an end to his hatred and venom. (Quote by - David Raskin)

Love is seeing without eyes, hearing without ears; hatred is nothing. (Quote by - Doug Horton)

Jon has a legitimate detest or hatred for defense. He takes it very personally. (Quote by - Bill Belichick)

The hatred between these two groups has been quite longstanding. (Quote by - Julian Sher)

I don't know if it's hatred. I know it's a sickness. (Quote by - Johnny Archibald)

Hatred is gained as much by good works as by evil. (Quote by - Niccolo Machiavelli)

Like the greatest virtue and the worst dogs, the fiercest hatred is silent. (Quote by - Jean Paul Richter)

Hatred, which could destroy so much, never failed to destroy the man who hated, and this was an immutable law. (Quote by - James Arthur Baldwin)

Hatred ever kills, love never dies such is the vast difference between the two. What is obtained by love is retained for all time. What is obtained by hatred proves a burden in reality for it increases hatred. (Quote by - Mohandas Gandhi)

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