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Harvest Quotes
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No one but YOU owns the title deed to your dream. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

Every failure is a stepping stone to success. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

Next week could be one of those very big weeks. It's a big harvest and there's a lot of fruit out there. I'm sure in October we'll run into a time when we have more than we can handle. We're trying to strategize as best we can. (Quote by - Tom Myers)

I will not allow someone else's poor opinion, poor decisions, or poor words to keep my champion imprisoned. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

When we are born, we have the same opportunity as everyone else to achieve success. Do t let your past be the excuse for your failure. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

It was a real good harvest. We kind of had a later start than normal as far as early harvest. (Quote by - Wade Wimmer)

I know I can sustain any storm in my life, because I have seen the forecast and prepared for the weather ahead of me. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

There is no such thing as a success shortcut. Be willing to take the long road or you will hit a dead end. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

And by great waters the seed of Sihor, the harvest of the river, is her revenue; and she is a mart of nations. (Quote by - Bible)

Faster communication does not predict success. It actually predicts quicker failure, because you are distracted by the constant multi-tasking. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

The most important season for a seed is the rain. Without it, the seed will wither and die. Your tears are the rain that will breathe life into the seed of greatness in your heart. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

It is like the seed put in the soil - the more one sows, the greater the harvest. (Quote by - Orison Swett Marden)

Focus eliminates Confusion. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

We cannot sow a selfish attitude and expect to reap abundance and generosity. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

We hope that at the Hong Kong meeting we will make some progress in early harvest, if a comprehensive one can not be obtained. (Quote by - Zhang Xiangchen)

Ask yourself, What can I do today to improve my daily championship action steps that will ultimately lead to the achievement of my true purpose? (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

We will look at harvest levels after this dig, and there should be more digging opportunities in the coming months on some beaches. (Quote by - Dan Ayres)

Think outside of the box. Your creativity is not found in your comfort zone. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

Let your heart out of its cage. Release your heart to dream about an unimaginable future. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

Pressure and resistance from the enemy destroys 97% of people, but it fires up the other 3% to take more focused daily champion action. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

It broke some large steel chains and released 100 tons of harvest fish into the bay to the benefit of the local anglers. (Quote by - Craig Foster)

The enemy gets its strength from your fear. Rebuke it out of your life by saying your affirmations daily. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

Expect that you will achieve greatness. Live a life with no ceiling on it. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

Until you believe enough in yourself, nothing is going to change. (Quote by - John Di Lemme)

Even with a relatively good harvest there is not enough food in the country to sustain all the people who need it. (Quote by - Catherine Bertini)

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