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But I think I can sincerely declare that I cheerfully submit myself to every odious name for conscience' sake; and from my soul I despise all those whose guilt, malice, or folly has made them my foes. (Quote by - James Otis)

Whoever blushes confesses guilt, true innocence never feels shame. (Quote by - Jean Jacques Rousseau)

Let no man trust the first false step of guilt; it hangs upon a precipice, whose steep descent in last perdition ends. (Quote by - Edward Young)

It is quite gratifying to feel guilty if you haven't done anything wrong: how noble! Whereas it is rather hard and certainly depressing to admit guilt and to repent (Quote by - Hannah Arendt)

Neither side is guiltless if its adversary is appointed judge. (Quote by - Marcus Annaeus Lucan)

I esteem death a trifle, if not caused by guilt. (Quote by - Titus Maccius Plautus)

Life without industry is guilt. Industry without Art is Brutality. (Quote by - John Ruskin)

Guilt is a spiritual Rubicon. (Quote by - Jane Porter)

One of the advantages of appearing in such a play is that you begin to understand it properly, I feel Ophelia's tragedy was that she had been so used by everybody and felt that she bore a great burden of guilt. (Quote by - Lalla Ward)

You can bear anything-if it isn't your own fault (Quote by - Katherine Fullerton)

The more sinful and guilty a person tends to feel, the less chance there is that he will be a happy, healthy, or law-abiding citizen. He will become a compulsive wrong-doer (Quote by - Dr. Albert Ellis)

It is more dangerous that even a guilty person should be punished without the forms of law than that he should escape. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

Men's minds are too ingenious in palliating guilt in themselves (Quote by - Titus Livy)

My parents are really well intended, and I think their way of dealing with things is denial and guilt Nobody wanted to talk about it But all I did was blame myself. (Quote by - Teri Hatcher)

He that is conscious of guilt cannot bear the innocence of others: So they will try to reduce all others to their own level. (Quote by - Charles James Fox)

Alas! how difficult it is not to betray one's guilt by one's looks. (Quote by - Ovid)

Guilt is a weird thing to me I don't have a lot of it. (Quote by - Andy Dick)

Guilt upon the conscience, like rust upon iron, both defiles and consumes it, gnawing and creeping into it, as that does which at last eats out the very heart and substance of the metal. (Quote by - Bishop Robert South)

Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt. (Quote by - Titus Maccius Plautus)

Wars can be prevented just as surely as they can be provoked, and we who fail to prevent them, must share the guilt for the dead. (Quote by - Omar N Bradley)

It's great to be recognized when I'm looking for a table at a crowded restaurant, but I still don't put it to best use I'm such a lump. (Quote by - I won't cut the line It's my Catholic guilt I gotta get used to it. (Quote by - Christopher Meloni)

Food, love, career, and mothers, the four major guilt groups. (Quote by - Cathy Guisewite)

The fearful face usually betrays great guilt. (Quote by - Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

I had a Christian upbringing - it was all about sin and guilt I was very happy just kissing people I was like the make-out queen - not even second base. (Quote by - Mira Sorvino)

I suffer from Irish-Catholic guilt Guilt is a good reality check It keeps that 'do what makes you happy' thing in check. (Quote by - Edward Burns)

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