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Grave Quotes
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The appalling details of the campaign of intimidation - which include grave-robbing - show the depths to which the animal extremists are prepared to stoop. (Quote by - Tony Blair)

A resignation is a grave act; never performed by a right minded man without forethought or with reserve. (Quote by - Salmon P Chase)

Dust into dust, and under dust, to lie, Sans wine, sans song, sans singer, and - sans end. (Quote by - Omar Khayyam)

A woman would rather visit her own grave than the place where she has been young and beautiful after she is aged and ugly. (Quote by - Thomas Hardy)

I would rather sleep in the southern corner of a little country churchyard, than in the tombs of the Capulets. (Quote by - Edmund Burke)

Art is long, and Time is fleeting, And our hearts, though stout and brave, Still, like muffled drums, are beating Funeral marches to the grave (Quote by - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

If I were a grave-digger or even a hangman, there are some people I could work for with a great deal of enjoyment (Quote by - Douglas Jerrold)

Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the grave. (Quote by - Joseph Hall)

For I know that thou wilt bring me to death, and to the house appointed for all living. (Quote by - Bible)

All over the world the wildlife that I write about is in grave danger It is being exterminated by what we call the progress of civilization. (Quote by - Gerald Durrell)

Here's an acre sown indeed, With the richest royalest seed. (Quote by - Francis Beaumont)

A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things There will be sleeping enough in the grave. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

Religious freedom is too sacred a right to be restricted or prohibited in any degree without convincing proof that a legitimate interest of the state is in grave danger. (Quote by - Frank Murphy)

Ambition's cradle oftenest is its grave (Quote by - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

I honored the fallen enemy by placing a stone on his beautiful grave. (Quote by - Manfred von Richthofen)

Ambition has but one reward for all: A little power, a little transient fame; A grave to rest in, and a fading name! (Quote by - Walter Landor)

None can less afford to delay than the aged sinner Now is the time Now or never You have, as it were, one foot already in the grave Your opportunities will soon be over Strive, then, I entreat you, to enter in at the strait gate. (Quote by - Archibald Alexander)

He has a face like a well-kept grave (Quote by - Jack Leach)

But an old age serene and bright, and lovely as a Lapland night, shall lead thee to thy grave. (Quote by - William Wordsworth)

Full surely there is a blessedness beyond the grave for those who have already entered on it here, and in no other form than that wherein they know it here, at any moment. (Quote by - Johann Gottlieb Fichte)

The foolish and cruel notion that a wife is to obey her husband has sent more women to the grave than to the courts for a divorce. (Quote by - Lemuel K. Washburn)

You have come into a hard world I know of only one easy place in it, and that is the grave. (Quote by - Henry Ward Beecher)

Who tracks the steps of glory to the grave? (Quote by - Lord Byron)

We usually say of ancient persons, that they have already one foot in the grave, and the rest of their life is nothing else but the bringing of these feet together. (Quote by - John Pearson)

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