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The outpouring of generosity is overwhelming. People across the Lehigh Valley are moved by the images they are seeing on TV and they want to know how they can help. (Quote by - John Hughes)

Considering that it literally came from emptying out piggybanks, I was bowled over by the generosity. (Quote by - Rhonda Honegger)

Candor and generosity, unless tempered by due moderation, leads to ruin. (Quote by - Tacitus)

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. (Quote by - Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

There flows throughout our whole history a stream of humanity, of generosity, of tolerance, so broad, so powerful, and so pure that it would be vain indeed to look for a similar one in the past of any other European country. (Quote by - Ignace Paderewski)

We remain concerned about a culture of generosity of executive pay at Morgan Stanley. (Quote by - Julie Gozan)

It was an amazing event. An unbelievable outpouring of generosity from throughout the country enabled us to provide some relief for the people who are suffering. We as an organization will do just about anything to supply comfort, compassion, money and anything else we can to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. (Quote by - Tom Zupancic)

I wonder if it isn't just cowardice instead of generosity that makes us give tips. (Quote by - Will Rogers)

Our commitment to this founding principle is especially relevant today. Americans are united as rarely before in compassion and generosity for our fellow citizens whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina, The powerful winds and floodwater of Katrina tore away the mask that has hidden from public view the many Americans who are left out and left behind. (Quote by - Ted Kennedy)

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - that is to have succeeded (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

No one is so generous as he who has nothing to give (Quote by - French Proverb)

Generosity during life is a very different thing from generosity in the hour of death; one proceeds from genuine liberality and benevolence, the other from pride or fear. (Quote by - Horace Mann)

A really great man is known by three signs: generosity in the design, humanity in the execution, moderation in success (Quote by - Otto von Bismarck)

The response has been overwhelming and gratifying, Utahns continue to demonstrate their generosity and willingness to help in times of need. (Quote by - Jon Huntsman)

Our first Prime Minister saw a country that would be known for its generosity of spirit. And so it is. (Quote by - Kim Campbell)

Like many other men of considerable means, Mr. Pierrepont performed acts of kindness and generosity without saying anything about them. He was a shy and gentle man of strong character. (Quote by - Jack Sanders)

Generosity is another quality which, like patience, letting go, non-judging, and trust, provides a solid foundation for mindfulness practice. You might experiment with using the cultivation of generosity as a vehicle for deep self-observation and inquiry as well as an exercise in giving. A good place to start is with yourself. See if you can give yourself gifts that may be true blessings, such as self-acceptance, or some time each day with no purpose. Practice feeling deserving enough to accept these gifts without obligation-to simply receive from yourself, and from the universe. (Quote by - Jon Kabat-Zinn)

The glow of the first week of an unrestricted generosity is wearing off, Now we're on to the stories of crime and cost and what are these guys going to do to the partisan balance. (Quote by - Cal Jillson)

That's what moves it, people hear our stories. The creativity and generosity of people are the only limits on it. One of our obligations as Christians is to reach outside of our community. (Quote by - Dave Lardinois)

This money and the generosity of these folks are going to be a real blessing to us. (Quote by - Dan Kibodeaux)

That says a lot about our community and its caring, its generosity. (Quote by - Carol Rice)

It grew bigger than we had expected because of the generosity of so many lenders. (Quote by - Derek Gillman)

Plant the seeds of Love in your hearts. Let them grow into trees of Service and shower the sweet fruit of Ananda. Share the Ananda with all. That is the proper way to celebrate the Birthday. (Quote by - Sri Sathya Sai Baba)

That's their choice, but we doubt very many will, given the generosity of this. (Quote by - Charles Schumer)

To be rich in admiration and free from envy, to rejoice greatly in the good of others, to love with such generosity of heart that your love is still a dear possession in absence or unkindness - these are the gifts which money cannot buy (Quote by - Robert Louis Stevenson)

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