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If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead. (Quote by - Erma Bombeck)

The Games is a great challenge, both mentally and physically. [The crowds] give me butterflies just thinking about it. (Quote by - Kirsty Gallacher)

The one thing I liked about Ben was when the game was there in the fourth quarter, he never really fretted. He hung in there and threw a great [46-yard] pass to Lee Mays on the third down [late in the fourth quarter], which I thought was the biggest play of the game. (Quote by - Bill Cowher)

In the long run, we need Corey to bring his 'A' game. He's getting his swagger back. (Quote by - Joakim Noah)

I live in L.A., so I go to basketball games. But I love baseball. (Quote by - Penny Marshall)

Friendships are forgotten when the game begins. (Quote by - Alvin Dark)

No coach has ever won a game by what he knows; it's what his players know that counts. (Quote by - Paul Bryant)

I'm sure our fans will make the roof come off again. These are the games that you want to play in. (Quote by - Steven Gerrard)

I was this shy, introverted kid and through the game and through athletics I was able to gain a lot more confidence and express myself on the field. It is about enjoying themselves and that's what I could tell about all of these girls. They played hard, respected the game and just had fun doing it. (Quote by - Mia Hamm)

Limits the Romans' anxieties to two things - bread and games. (Quote by - Juvenal)

There's only so much we can do as owners to market this game. I was willing to do it because I believed in the product. I don't mind being the face of it, but it's time that the sport stands on its own merits. (Quote by - Jon Bon Jovi)

It should be noted that children at play are not playing about; their games should be seen as their most serious-minded activity. (Quote by - Michel de Montaigne)

I'm going to try my best not to have any contact. If I don't get hit in the game, it means I did pretty good. (Quote by - Clinton Portis)

We are forced to participate in the games of life before we can possibly learn how to use the options in the rules governing them. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

With that locker room I could sleep there after games. (Quote by - LeBron James)

Georgia Tech beat us and Mississippi Southern tied us last year, and Texas beat us after we had the game won. We only played about five games the way we were capable of playing and lost one of those. (Quote by - Bear Bryant)

This is not a game, Debt has become a part of who we are. It's become that spoiled child in the grocery store with their lip stuck out: 'I want it. I want it. I deserve it because I breathe air.' And, well, that's an uphill climb in our culture right now, to go against that and say, 'Hey, let's be grownups here. Let's be mature, learn to delay pleasure, save up and pay for things.' (Quote by - Dave Ramsey)

Men in the game are blind to what men looking on see clearly (Quote by - Chinese Proverbs)

If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians (Quote by - Warren Buffett)

Baseball and football are very different games. In a way, both of them are easy. Football is easy if you're crazy as hell. Baseball is easy if you've got patience. They'd both be easier for me if I were a little more crazy - and a little more patient. (Quote by - Bo Jackson)

Kids don't learn the fundamentals of baseball at the games anymore. (Quote by - Bill Lee)

Boys, baseball is a game where you gotta have fun. You do that by winning. (Quote by - Dave Bristol)

I don't mind . . . the fun and games of being treated like a fragile flower. But as a physiologist working with the unromantic scientific facts of life, I find it hard to delude myself about feminine frailty. (Quote by - Estelle Ramey)

Holding an Olympic Games means evoking history. (Quote by - Pierre de Coubertin)

It's all fun and games, until someone looses an eyethan it's fun and games you can't see anymore. (Quote by - James Hetfield)

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