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The vast possibilities of our great future will become realities only if we make ourselves responsible for that future. (Quote by - Gifford Pinchot)

For if Freedom and Communism were to compete for man's allegiance in a world at peace, I would look to the future with ever increasing confidence. (Quote by - John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

Telling the future by looking at the past assumes that conditions remain constant. This is like driving a car by looking in the rearview mirror. (Quote by - Herb Brody)

A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs. (Quote by - Bernard Baruch)

The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be. (Quote by - Paul Valery)

We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there. (Quote by - Charles F. Kettering)

I believe the future is only the past again, entered through another gate. (Quote by - Arthur Wing Pinero)

The future will be better tomorrow (Quote by - Vice President Dan Quayle)

By the street of by-and-by, one arrives at the house of never. (Quote by - Miguel de Cervantes)

Everything that looks to the future elevates human nature. Never is life so low or so little as when occupied with the present. (Quote by - Walter Savage Landor)

When all else is lost, the future still remains. (Quote by - Christian Nestell Bovee)

Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future. (Quote by - Denis Waitley)

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. (Quote by - Malcolm X)

Your day will come is another way of saying you get yours. (Quote by - Merelene Cornish)

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time. (Quote by - Abraham Lincoln)

You can never plan the future by the past. (Quote by - Edmund Burke)

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

Predicting the future is easy. It's trying to figure out what's going on now that's hard. (Quote by - Fritz R. S. Dressler)

I like men who have a future and women who have a past (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

The cradle of the future is the grave of the past. (Quote by - Franz Grillparzer)

Your future takes precedence over your past. Focus on your future, rather than on the past. (Quote by - Gary Ryan Blair)

My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there. (Quote by - Charles F. Kettering)

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it. (Quote by - Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

I have seen the future and it is very much like the present - only longer. (Quote by - Kehlog Albran)

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. (Quote by - Mary Pickford)

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