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This agreement demonstrates the functionality and flexibility of our BASE2000(TM) processing platform, and highlights our ability to provide solutions that enable our clients to introduce products and services more quickly, more cost effectively and across more geographies than ever before. (Quote by - David Riley)

Ambassador Portman has shown some flexibility at the end of the day, .. but I don't think that's enough. Actually that's still a far cry from our original expectations. (Quote by - Bo Xilai)

With three contract manufacturers on board, we're poised to have the flexibility and efficiencies we need to keep up with the consumer demand. (Quote by - Todd Holmdahl)

She has lost full range of motion, flexibility, and is in constant pain. (Quote by - Barry Davis)

I think this gives more flexibility to developers and actually produces the units where the need is identified. (Quote by - Towny Anderson)

Our customers have no way to mitigate excess inventory, but we do. They want maximum flexibility with limited or no inventory liability. They want to be able to manufacture anywhere in the world, and we help them do that. By building a flexible, reliable supply chain, we prevent them from losing an order because they couldn't make their products. (Quote by - Greg Frazier)

By buying out Softbank.. our strategic flexibility to take advantage of international growth opportunities in Korea and Europe will be enhanced, and this new structure should lead to a more efficient, longer-term operating and tax model. (Quote by - Terry Semel)

If the newsprint demand is not there they now have the financial flexibility to look at making other products. (Quote by - Stephen Atkinson)

Sometimes our technical specification is slightly ahead of the industry standard - therefore we like working with vendors who are flexible enough to invest in developing appropriate solutions. Their Adaptive EDGE Architecture is in line with our campus strategy. (Quote by - David Foster)

We're starting to see more employers introduce flexibility into their workplace. The workplace is starting to look a little different. Businesses are finding they need to do it to retain the workers they have. (Quote by - Nancy Kaylor)

Although I am flexible and ready to take advice, I can't carry an umbrella of thoughts over my head that would distract me and affect my music making. (Quote by - Zubin Mehta)

Women require flexibility to arrange their own maternity leave, before and after the birth. (Quote by - Utami Roesli)

The market-leading flexibility of the KALIDO enterprise data warehousing and master data management software is based on the technology covered in this patent. The additional distinction of having our technology US-patented further bolsters the uniqueness of our software a claim that was first validated by the UK-patent in 2003. (Quote by - Andy Hayler)

Nissan is a company that manages its operations with flexibility and in response to customer demand. As we begin launching the wave of 2007 models this summer, we're confident that normal production schedules will resume. (Quote by - Dan Gaudette)

This venture deepens our investment in expanding our flat-rolled products capabilities globally and increases our manufacturing flexibility and productivity. (Quote by - Alain Belda)

Japan's currency is not one that lacks flexibility. (Quote by - Sadakazu Tanigaki)

We look forward to a long-term partnership with W. P. Carey and appreciate the flexibility this transaction has given us to reinvest our capital in our core business. (Quote by - Bob Kaufman)

We've been told to be very flexible with the date and time of the game, which we will be. (Quote by - David Hansen)

As with nearly all proposed development standards, the goal is to encourage efficient land use, flexibility and a wide variety of housing types while reducing the potential for negative impacts. (Quote by - Wendy Robinson)

What's impressive about the guy is he's stayed flexible. He's given up on some battles and moved on to others. John always stayed with the times. (Quote by - Vic Fazio)

Communications have to be effective, simple to use and provide the flexibility to accommodate a variety of methods for businesses to enable their employees to be more effective. Our collaboration with Nortel provides that foundation. Integrating the Microsoft Office Communicator with business-grade communication capabilities from Nortel will provide more effective real-time collaboration capabilities for our customers. (Quote by - Zig Serafin)

We have to fill in some blanks. We have the (financial) flexibility to fill in those blanks. Our plan has to be executed, not just over this summer, but over the next two years. (Quote by - Doug Risebrough)

You lose some date flexibility in this compression. Not everything was able to get accomplished and end up where we wanted to be. Whether it's Fontana, Phoenix or Pikes Peak, if those issues could be addressed, those are markets we would certainly look to make a return to. (Quote by - Brian Barnhart)

The agencies are terribly appreciative of any amount we give them, mostly because it's flexible funds. The agencies have put it to really good use. (Quote by - Wendy Hopkins)

We're giving investors the flexibility to manage their portfolio at their convenience and to see orders executed in real time. (Quote by - Tom O'Connell)

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