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We have flexibility. The philosophy of a personnel staff would be to take the best player available, regardless of position. If you have that, you will generally draft, in the long run, better. (Quote by - Fran Foley)

What we saw in the fourth quarter was that Pfizer has a lot of flexibility in terms of cost-cutting. That helped them achieve the numbers they did. But it's not like they're out of the woods. They won't be out of the woods for another two years. (Quote by - Arthur Wong)

And we don't have the luxury of locking ourselves into a system that does not have flexibility. A rail system would have that lack of flexibility. (Quote by - Bruce Woodbury)

The pharmaceutical companies are very interested in having top-tier talent. If you don't have flexibility programs in place, that talent will walk right out the door. (Quote by - Carol Evans)

When it comes to media processing, there's a need for maximum flexibility in order to address the widest possible range of customers. There is no one form factor that addresses all requirements, so vendors that are supporting all major platforms and offering both hardware and software variants are in a better position to meet all the emerging market needs in this dynamic sector. (Quote by - Graham Finnie)

I want nothing better, more flexible or more complete than the sonata form, which contains everything necessary for my structural purposes. (Quote by - Sergei Prokofiev)

Winning and losing is about more than the system. If the system is flexible as it is in the England team I don't think it is the system that decides the game. (Quote by - Wayne Rooney)

Our volunteers are flexible, open-minded and have a sense of humor. (Quote by - Carol Lucas)

The number one thing leaders can do to facilitate balance is to support flexibility and understand the needs of your people. (Quote by - Jim Mitchell)

For the first time, we will get more freedom and flexibility in what we can do. (Quote by - Steve Lowe)

World Wide Packets is extremely pleased to be providing North Kansas City with the flexible, scalable solution it needs to propel the city into the 21st century. The city realizes the importance of bringing the latest technologies to the community in order to generate economic growth and a greater quality of life, and World Wide Packets' proven Carrier Ethernet solutions are allowing just that. (Quote by - Dave Curry)

The vast majority of small businesses already provide flexibility and time off to deal with personal issues. (Quote by - Laura Jones)

We are trying to get enough early childhood space as we can so that we've got as much flexibility (as possible). Our goal is to get as many kids in preschool as we can. We just don't want the availability of wrap around childcare to be the limiting factor. (Quote by - Walt Spencer)

The least flexible component of any system is the user. (Quote by - Lowell Jay Arthur)

The thing that I have is flexibility. Both my starting guards can also play tackle. My backup center can play both guard and center, so I have a little flexibility there with some guys that have a little more experience, not that they are the most experienced guys. But I am comfortable with that. (Quote by - Andy Reid)

Resilience through [supply chain] flexibility is vital. We have to think about it. It is the only way to respond. We need flexibility, because we live in a volatile environment. (Quote by - Yossi Sheffi)

Enabling people to make and receive phone calls during flight demonstrated the flexibility of a high-speed connectivity system. We allowed our guests to make calls to the ground while we flew over international waters. (Quote by - Chris Peterson)

We realized that we needed flexibility. The old system had been running since 1948 and had some problem bundle integrity was compromised, it jammed a lot. It didn't give us the flexibility we need in terms of inputs and outputs. We needed multiple inputs and outputs for our many editions. (Quote by - Tony Smithson)

We're still deeply concerned at the lack of flexibility for business travelers with the introduction of all-reserved service. (Quote by - Bruce Becker)

She's the best administrator I've ever served under. She is flexible, lets you do your job, supports you 100 percent. And she's here from sunup to sundown. It looks like she never goes home. (Quote by - Billy Davis)

We think it is a wise thing to do to at least allow a little more flexibility as to Deseret's future. All we are saying is let us look at our options further. (Quote by - Scott Parker)

The market is changing, with enterprises moving away from the old-style CRM. They want more capability and flexibility, and we're happy to give them that. (Quote by - Zach Nelson)

This will give us greater flexibility in the future. We are not raising more money, this is about the original investors realizing some of their money. (Quote by - Ed Williams)

The rationale was in order to take advantage of technology and provide greater flexibility for institutions to contact prospective student athletes. On the flip side of things, for the prospects' well-being, they can choose to respond or not. (Quote by - Crissy Schluep)

Dad's big watchword was flexibility . . . so much stuff happens (in school and in life) you have to be ready and flexible. (Quote by - Tom McCoy)

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