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We will be unique in offering record companies flexibility in pricing. For new artists we can offer singles at 39p to stimulate demand. (Quote by - Gennaro Castaldo)

When we saw the speed and flexibility of BIO we were amazed. With just one click we can access data from six years ago--or six minutes ago. (Quote by - Sharon Smith)

There's supposed to be some degree of flexibility with regard to the types of relationships bigger teams can have with a start-up. (Quote by - Geoff Smith)

This is an exercise that requires flexibility and patience. In the next couple of days, we'll have evacuees in Washington. We'll still have them. (Quote by - David A. Catania)

It gives us more flexibility, so we can do more, but it also creates the expectation of the instant response. It can take away your sense of control over your time. (Quote by - Ellen Galinsky)

You have to be flexible and try to provide full service to stay ahead of the up-and-coming changes in the printing industry. This new six-color press boasts all the 'bells and whistles' and necessary tools to print more efficiently and productively. (Quote by - Wayne Collins)

While we regret having to suspend the dividend program, management is focused on preserving the company's financial flexibility in a very challenging industry environment. (Quote by - Bob Rossiter)

We do see scope for greater flexibility and utilizing more fully the flexibility allowed in the existing system. (Quote by - David Burton)

We know Blockbuster Online customers love the value and flexibility the free in-store movie rentals offer, so we decided to give them even more. (Quote by - Shane Evangelist)

We want to offer job training and mentoring and build the site with more robust, reliable and flexible technology. (Quote by - Craig Newmark)

It takes a special person to be able to stand the conditions there. You have to be flexible, and Larissa was perfect for the work. (Quote by - David Krause)

Unfortunately, they can't help all homeless persons that are reported to them. They have limited flexibility because of certain barriers, like (a homeless person's) bad credit or a criminal record. (Quote by - Tim West)

This is a much-desired and often critical feature for cinematographers and directors of photography who need the flexibility of changing frame rates to create unique 'looks' for their productions or to create special effects. (Quote by - Bob Ott)

We're excited about the golf course infrastructure. It should allow us the flexibility to get the kind of conditions we want, whether we're in March or May although we're focused on May. (Quote by - Tim Finchem)

The federal banking agencies have made it clear that they are going to be reasonable and flexible. Nobody is going to bop anybody over the head for trying to be reasonable and flexible. (Quote by - William Fox)

We will remain friends but we needed more flexibility in [working with] firms in Europe and beyond. We envisage having a selection of ?best friends?, but we are not necessarily limited to just one in each jurisdiction. (Quote by - Bill Richards)

Standard & Poor's Custom Indices provide the flexibility needed to calculate customized indices employing a wide range of investment strategies in addition to traditional security-based index calculation. Financial firms are increasingly turning to Standard & Poor's for the independence and market coverage needed to construct and calculate new types of indices. (Quote by - Tim Eisenhauer)

The IEA member countries will exercise flexibility in re-establishing their emergency stock levels through 2006, noting the need to take into account seasonal demand and the possibility of higher than expected refinery maintenance. (Quote by - Claude Mandil)

You have to have a pretty flexible personality, because there are no routines. (Quote by - Chris Clark)

If you're a hard-working, flexible, task-oriented computer type with overseas experience, go to the front of the line. (Quote by - Carol Kleiman)

Let no one think that flexibility and a predisposition to compromise is a sign of weakness or a sell-out. (Quote by - Paul Kagame)

And there's not much flexibility in the law for advances, .. but the governor has committed all the resources of the administration to ensuring that GPSS employees get their paychecks. (Quote by - Shawn Gumataotao)

There is no longer any doubt that enterprises are trying to take advantage of the quality, flexibility, and license cost savings that open source software offers. However, they have to take into consideration integration, maintenance, and support costs while deploying and managing their open source infrastructure. (Quote by - Sophie Mayo)

What we're going to do is cheaper, better, faster and more flexible. We're going to be improving our ability to [accommodate these needs] across open standards to establish these types of dynamic communities of interest. (Quote by - Danny Sabbah)

We are providing the broadest offering with the most flexibility for our network operators. Each of these services represent something unique to the operator. (Quote by - Ed Graczyk)

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