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The Home Depot has provided me with the financial support and flexibility to work and maintain a job while pursuing my Olympic dream. I would not be an Olympian if it weren't for The Home Depot. (Quote by - Brock Kreitzburg)

There might be a little more flexibility in the U.S. refining system than people expected. Plants have been able to churn out more product than initially thought. (Quote by - Simon Wardell)

Sometimes you've got to be a little flexible. For the most part, it's hard to get players to look at the big picture also. I understand that. They're looking at their next start or their next at-bat. (Quote by - Terry Francona)

The flexibility of our products makes them the perfect choice for use in this installation. By working together with ATC International to modify our product for use with RFID technology, we've created a unique solution to Miami Dade's requirements. (Quote by - Ed Regan)

The governor's concern is that this bill ties government's hands and does not provide the flexibility it needs to address changing economic conditions. (Quote by - Vince Sollitto)

If you are not stuck with fixed machinery costs and simply hire equipment when necessary, you have far more flexibility in business decisions. You can reduce or increase production dramatically depending on prices. (Quote by - David Houghton)

The boldness of asking deep questions may require unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers. (Quote by - Brian Greene)

There was a need for bold steps from both the countries to resolve the contentious issue with sincerity and flexibility to overcome the legacy of past. (Quote by - Tasnim Aslam)

She has this flexibility, this mobility that Down syndrome kids have. Hadassah will sleep folded over. She was an extremely floppy baby, but she's progressing well. (Quote by - Rebekah Garvin)

We got a lot of extra functionality besides just more ports. I want the flexibility to drop in HP [Hewlett-Packard Co.] or IBM and manage it from a single pane. We're still struggling as customers with being locked in. (Quote by - Tim Hesson)

There's a sense that people who telecommute are more flexible. They can combine their home and work life, and they will go the extra yard when needed because they've been given the opportunity to better manage their time. (Quote by - Dana Gardner)

It gives us a lot of versatility and flexibility. Looking ahead, we've got a lot of good young players coming through the system. As they make their way, we'll have some tough decisions down the road. I'm just glad to have this one bat in our lineup that can drive in 100 runs, hit 25 to 30 home runs at least, and in our ballpark, maybe more. (Quote by - Tim Purpura)

Unfortunately, when a violation is brought to our attention, state law does not provide flexibility. (Quote by - Chris Cooper)

The international market has been crying out for a significant and flexible hotel event space. (Quote by - David Kelly)

Charters give public school teachers the flexibility to design programs to the individual student needs. They no longer have to go to a distant bureaucracy to ask for permission. By being allowed to make their own decisions the teachers are able to create strong partnerships with parents. (Quote by - Gary Larson)

It allows a lot more flexibility on our operations, .. It will also help decrease the amount of overtime spent. (Quote by - Tom Taylor)

There is a reasonable degree of flexibility. Where there is a will there is a way. (Quote by - Steve Maviglio)

I already told Loop we're going to be flexible in that role, .. We'll see how it goes. It's not something that we can figure out because there's not enough time. (Quote by - Willie Randolph)

They wanted to retain the flexibility for another year. (Quote by - Bill Price)

There was a careful review of the law to determine whether there was some flexibility, and at this point that has not been the case. (Quote by - Terri Teuber)

We've proven to be quite flexible and adept in the way that we've changed what was the original pattern of air activities into something that's now very focused on the battlefield. (Quote by - Wesley Clark)

Smaller business employers have told us they want the same flexibility, savings, integration and consumer-focused approaches of consumer-driven health care that are available to larger businesses. (Quote by - Dennis Wilson)

We think the deal should be mostly positive for Time Warner, as it would offer AOL increased flexibility over the long term to grow its advertising revenue base, and monetize its branded content through broader exposure for AOL's vast stable of online properties, consistent with what we view as its well-articulated turnaround strategy. (Quote by - Tuna Amobi)

We encourage people to develop their own proposals, handle jobs and meetings, be flexible and independent. It's been a nice formula for growth. (Quote by - Dan Barczykowski)

People want to be able to use more of their outdoor space, and they want flexibility. (Quote by - Deb Anderson)

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