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Please give yourself plenty of time for transit. Be flexible and take advantage of the Capitol Hill Transit Program. (Quote by - David Hart)

It gives associates increased flexibility to manage their retirement and also allows us to have success in the marketplace. (Quote by - David Gunasegaram)

There's not a lot of pricing flexibility, there is a little more upward pressure on wages, and when you add that all together it can be very difficult to raise profit margins. (Quote by - David Blitzer)

It's all about flexibility and meeting the needs of our guests. (Quote by - Tom Schroder)

By offering more Web services than any other Web company, we give developers the flexibility and choice to customize our technology and contribute to new on and offline experiences for our users. (Quote by - Jeffrey McManus)

Web applications are particularly susceptible to high-latency WAN links, which can translate into dismal user performance. Although the flexibility and innovation Web services promise are attractive, the implementation costs and poor user performance can make realization of these promises difficult. With the Expand Compass Platform, our customers such as Continental Airlines can accelerate the performance of their Web-based applications to encourage user adoption and satisfaction, while simultaneously removing the cost of upgrading WAN links. (Quote by - Chris Williams)

As we enter 2001, it is imperative that Alltel have a flexible and responsive organization that can compete aggressively, .. We must continue to simplify and streamline Alltel's entire organization to maintain customer and earnings growth in an increasingly competitive environment. (Quote by - Scott Ford)

The problem with inflation targeting is that it carries with it a risk of less flexibility at times, and that could be problematical. But it also makes policy less of a black box, so policy is likely to be more transparent. (Quote by - Alan Ruskin)

The Republican administration is convinced that it needed to give these companies the flexibility to develop plans that made sense to them. But that doesn't necessarily mean they make sense to rest of the world. What this creates is a needlessly complex abomination of a system. You'd have to be really nasty to design a system worse than this. (Quote by - Dr. Ronald T. Rozett)

We definitely need to do something. We would have the flexibility to make changes to the configuration of the three properties to approach different problems as they come up. (Quote by - Salvatore D'Iorio)

Caregivers say the number one thing they want is flexible hours, because you can't predict when you're going to have to take time off. (Quote by - Gail Hunt)

If you are truly flexible and go until.. there is really very little you can't accomplish in your lifetime. (Quote by - Anthony Robbins)

One of the things we want is to incorporate flexibility into the buildings. Nobody can tell us what's going to be happening in that classroom five years from now. (Quote by - Dale Scheideman)

He re-invested in public services. In dealing with youth unemployment, he has had real success by linking greater flexibility with greater security. (Quote by - Segolene Royal)

So I said to the Gym instructor "Can you teach me to do the splits?" He said "How flexible are you?". I said "I can't make Tuesdays". (Quote by - Tim Vine)

We have to be flexible and responsive. We own and manage inventory at customer sites at 175 locations around the world. The customer only takes ownership when it pulls the item to its manufacturing line. (Quote by - Greg Frazier)

It was created to give teams more flexibility putting their rosters together. (Quote by - Tim Frank)

Companies today cannot afford to ignore the issue of work/life balance. Providing employees the flexibility to address personal commitments, without compromising the needs of the business, can make the difference between a good working environment and a great one. (Quote by - Diane Domeyer)

It doesn't mean necessarily that we are going to strike, .. but it certainly gives us more flexibility in terms of how we proceed. (Quote by - Thomas Dewar)

Ratings on Horizon Lines reflect its aggressive financial profile, modest financial flexibility, participation in the capital-intensive and competitive shipping industry, and an aging fleet. (Quote by - Eric Ballantine)

It's become famous for its health benefits -- strength, flexibility, coordination, relaxation, stress reduction. (Quote by - Tom Gohring)

Small employers also have less flexibility to tinker with plan design. They're most likely to shop around for a cheaper plan. (Quote by - Blaine Bos)

Improved consumer choice and improved airline profits represent a win/win situation. Airlines that provide consumers flexibility - choice, control and convenience - can more effectively compete for consumers' business. Choice instantly increases consumer confidence, because when you know what you're getting, you are more likely to be loyal. (Quote by - Chris Barnes)

What this does is, it offers a lot more flexibility than we had earlier proposed. It gets away from this cookie-cutter approach we were stuck with. (Quote by - Charles Cousins)

Flexibility is indispensable in the talks, .. Only if (the DPRK and the United States) show flexibility, it is possible to reach compromise. (Quote by - Song Min)

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