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T was a brilliant feeling to make my debut and to hear the crowd chanting my name. It made me play much better. (Quote by - Theo Walcott)

I was feeling so sick and I couldn't stay longer on the court. (Quote by - Justine Henin-Hardenne)

A man is as old as he's feeling, A woman as old as she looks. (Quote by - Mortimer Collins)

Whenever I get happy, I always have a terrible feeling. (Quote by - Roman Polanski)

I will always remember my playing career with fond memories and though there may be the odd regret the main feeling is one of immense pride. (Quote by - Tom Finney)

But, spite of all the criticising elves, Those who would make us feel, must feel themselves. (Quote by - Charles Churchill)

It's a great feeling when someone like Bernard Hinault comes up to you on the podium to say 'Welcome to the club' (Quote by - Lance Armstrong)

The Blues are the true facts of life expressed in words and song, inspiration, feeling, and understanding. (Quote by - Willie Dixon)

One hearty laugh together will bring enemies into a closer communion of heart than hours spent on both sides in inward wrestling with the mental demon of uncharitable feeling. (Quote by - William James)

The moment of finding a fellow-creature is often as full of mingled doubt and exultation, as the moment of finding an idea. (Quote by - George Eliot)

I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom. In itself, homosexuality is as limiting as heterosexuality: the ideal should be to be capable of loving a woman or a man; either, a human being, without feeling fear, restraint, or obligation. (Quote by - Simone De Beauvoir)

They [former England players] probably stopped believing, whereas a lot of players in the current team do not have that losing feeling. (Quote by - Andrew Strauss)

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present andnot giving it. (Quote by - William Arthur Ward)

Whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes. (Quote by - Robert Hutchins)

The only possible regret I have is the feeling that I will die without having played enough tennis. (Quote by - Jean Borotra)

Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling. (Quote by - Edna Ferber)

The sense of being well-dressed gives a feeling of inward tranquility which religion is powerless to bestow (Quote by - C F Forbes)

It's a very good feeling to be around a man who thinks women are juicy. (Quote by - Lee Grant)

No deep and strong feeling, such as we may come across here and there in the world, is unmixed with compassion. The more we love, the more the object of our love seems to us to be a victim. (Quote by - Boris Pasternak)

It's really an incredible feeling for me to be there and to hold the trophy (Quote by - Jelena Jankovic)

Patriotism is voluntary. It is a feeling of loyalty and allegiance that is the result of knowledge and belief. A patriot shows their their patriotism through their actions, by their choice. (Quote by - Jesse Ventura)

It's something that I always dreamed of, and I would love one day to have that feeling with the singles trophy. (Quote by - Jelena Jankovic)

Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies (Quote by - Elizabeth Bowen)

I have the true feeling of myself only when I am unbearably unhappy. (Quote by - Franz Kafka)

Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is. (Quote by - Thomas Szasz)

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