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He that waits upon fortune is never sure of a dinner. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

We seal our fate with the choices we take, but don't give a second thought to the chances we take. (Quote by - Gloria Estefan)

Right now my mind is on the people who stole our instruments, and, specifically, the person with my guitar, which will no doubt end its days having Green Day songs worked out on it. A better fate was deserved - and while the reverence given to guitars annoys me, I shall miss it. (Quote by - Jonny Greenwood)

Muslim delegates concerned about rights in Palestine could have brought their enthusiasm closer to home by addressing the fate of black Christians being slaughtered and enslaved in the Sudan. (Quote by - Jack Schwartz)

The fate of you, the aristocracy of industry, will be as the fate of the aristocracy of land if you do not show that you have some humanity still among you. (Quote by - James Larkin)

But I have learned a thing or two; I know as sure as fate, when we lock up our lives for wealth, the gold key comes too late. (Quote by - Will Carleton)

Here an attempt is made to explain suffering: the outcaste of traditional Hinduism is held to deserve his fetched fate; it is a punishment for the wrongs he did in a previous life. (Quote by - Walter Kaufmann )

Youth is a silly, vapid state, Old age with fears and ills is rife; This simple boon I beg of Fate - A thousand years of Middle Life. (Quote by - Carolyn Wells )

Only the closest collaborators of the Fuehrer know how difficult is the burden of this responsibility; how sorrowful are the hours during which decisions must be made which bear upon the well being and the fate of all of Germany. (Quote by - Hjalmar Schacht)

When good befalls a man he calls it Providence, when evil fate. (Quote by - Knut Hamsun)

A God without dominion, providence, and final causes, is nothing else but fate and nature. (Quote by - Alexander Pope)

My most profound confidence is however based upon the fact that at the head of Germany there stands a man by his entire development, his desires, and striving can only have been destined by fate to lead our people into a brighter future. (Quote by - Alfred Jodl)

In the beds which the piety of the public has prepared on every side, stricken men await the verdict of fate. (Quote by - Georges Duhamel)

When I need a word and do not find it in French, I select it from other tongues, and the reader has either to understand or translate me. Such is my fate. (Quote by - Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin)

Fortune is like the market, where, many times, if you can stay a little, the price will fall. (Quote by - Francis Bacon)

Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all. (Quote by - Alexander the Great)

It is the strange fate of man, that even in the greatest of evils the fear of the worst continues to haunt him. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe)

The best of men cannot suspend their fate: The good die early, and the bad die late. (Quote by - Daniel Defoe)

There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn. (Quote by - Albert Camus)

As a nation we have the right to decide our own affairs, to mould our own future. This does not pose any danger to anybody. Our nation is fully aware of the responsibility for its own fate in the complicated situation of the contemporary world. (Quote by - Lech Walesa)

Tempted fate will leave the loftiest star. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

To have united the purposes of an entire Nation, is the great historical achievement of the man in whose strong hands our President has placed the fate of our people. (Quote by - Gustav Krupp)

When fate summons, monarchs must obey. (Quote by - John Dryden)

You wait for fate to bring about the changes in life which you should be bringing about by yourself. (Quote by - Doug Coupland)

What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate. (Quote by - Donald Trump)

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