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The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion. (Quote by - Arnold H Glasgow)

If facts conflict with a theory, either the theory must be changed or the facts. (Quote by - Benedict Spinoza)

In fact, they recapitulate the story of Christianity word for word, like the inevitable course of some unsightly disease: criminal ignorance, brutish stupidity, self- righteous bigotry, paranoid fear of outsiders. For the cultist, psychiatrists, the media, Government agencies have become Satan incarnate. Like the fundamental Christians, they have to be right. (Quote by - William S. Burroughs)

It is often stated that of all the theories proposed in this century, the silliest is quantum theory. In fact, some say that the only thing that quantum theory has going for it is that it is unquestionably correct. (Quote by - Michio Kaku)

Public- relations specialists make flower arrangements of the facts, placing them so that the wilted and less attractive petals are hidden by sturdy blooms. (Quote by - Alan Harrington)

I cannot conceive of a personal God who would directly influence the actions of individuals, or would directly sit in judgment on creatures of his own creation. I cannot do this in spite of the fact that mechanistic causality has, to a certain extent. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

The theory that can absorb the greatest number of facts, and persist in doing so, generation after generation, through all changes of opinion and detail, is the one that must rule all observation. (Quote by - Adam Smith)

The judge also has a truth he wants to hide: He often hasn't been completely candid in describing the facts or the law. (Quote by - Alan M. Dershowitz)

The telephone book is full of facts, but it doesn't contain a single idea. (Quote by - Mortimer Adler)

I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. (Quote by - Will Smith)

The way to do research is to attack the facts at the point of greatest astonishment. (Quote by - Celia Green)

I might show facts as plain as day: but, since your eyes are blind, you'd say, ''Where? What?'' and turn away. (Quote by - Christina G. Rossetti)

Doubts often beget the facts they fear.(Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

The construction of life is at present in the power of facts far more than convictions. (Quote by - Walter Benjamin)

All generous minds have a horror of what are commonly called "Facts". They are the brute beasts of the intellectual domain. (Quote by - Thomas Hobbes)

Fiction is not a dream. nor is it guesswork. It is imagining based on facts, and the facts must be accurate or the work of imagining will not stand up. (Quote by - Margaret Culkin Banning)

Education is not the piling on of learning, information, data, facts, skills, or abilities - that's training or instruction - but is rather making visible what is hidden as a seed. (Quote by - Thomas More)

I am in general a very pessimistic person with an optimistic, day- to- day take on things. The bare facts of life are utterly terrifying. And yet, one can laugh. Indeed, one has to laugh precisely because of the darkness: the nervous laughter of the trenches. (Quote by - Alain de Botton)

The room within is the great fact about the building. (Quote by - Frank Lloyd Wright)

Facts, or what a man believes to be facts, are always delightful - Get your facts first, and - then you can distort 'em as much as you please. (Quote by - Mark Twain)

Prayer is the contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

The world is the totality of facts, not of things. (Quote by - Ludwig Wittgenstein)

There could be no extreme vanity in my recognition of myself, if in fact there could be any at all. (Quote by - William Saroyan)

A fact is a simple statement that everyone believes. It is innocent, unless found guilty. A hypothesis is a novel suggestion that no one wants to believe. It is guilty, until found effective. (Quote by - Edward Teller)

Like this gas tank, you are overflowing with preconceptions, full of useless knowledge. You hold many facts and opinions, yet know little of yourself. Before you can learn, you'll have to first empty your tank. (Quote by - Dan Millman)

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