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We need timeless principles to steer by in running our organizations and building our personal careers. We need high standards the ethics of excellence. (Quote by - Price Pritchett)

Your ethical muscle grows stronger every time you choose right over wrong. (Quote by - Price Pritchett)

The man who is anybody and who does anything is surely going to be criticized, vilified, and misunderstood. This is part of the penalty for greatness, and every man understands, too, that it is no proof of greatness. (Quote by - Elbert Hubbard)

The Architect is just one of a series of works which examine the confrontation of innocence and experience, illustrating the complex ethics of power that exist between reader and writer, critic and artist, the human and the divine. (Quote by - John Scott)

Medicine rests upon four pillars - philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, and ethics. (Quote by - Paracelsus)

It appears to me that in Ethics, as in all other philosophical studies, the difficulties and disagreements, of which history is full, are mainly due to a very simple cause: namely to the attempt to answer questions, without first discovering precisel (Quote by - George Moore)

One concept corrupts and confuses the others. I am not speaking of the Evil whose limited sphere is ethics; I am speaking of the infinite. (Quote by - Jorge Luis Borges)

It is the mark of the cultured man that he is aware of the fact that equality is an ethical and not a biological principle (Quote by - Ashley Montagu)

Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life. So aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something. (Quote by - Henry David Thoreau)

So the next thing I assume I'll be hearing from Republicans, they want to change rules some way, as they do on the House when you get a problem with ethics, they just change the rules. (Quote by - Harry Reid)

I consider ethics, as well as religion, as supplements to law in the government of man. (Quote by - Thomas Jefferson)

It is a public scandal that gives offence and it is no sin to sin in secret. (Quote by - Moliere)

Nothing is less important than which fork you use. Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything. It is ethics. It is honor. (Quote by - Emily Post)

More often there's a compromise between ethics and expediency. (Quote by - Peter Singer)

It is customary these days to ignore what should be done in favour of what pleases us. (Quote by - Plautus)

The ethics of editorial judgement, however, began to go though a sea change during the late 1970s and '80s when the Carter and Reagan Administrations de-regulated the television industry. (Quote by - Roger Mudd)

The key factor is whether the agent is a member of the Association of Authors' Representatives, which screens its members and requires them to uphold a Canon of Ethics. (Quote by - Richard Curtis)

A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help. (Quote by - Albert Schweitzer)

I have found by experience that they who have spent all their lives in cities, improve their talents but impair their virtues; and strengthen their minds but weaken their morals. (Quote by - Charles Caleb Colton)

Now it's time to focus on basics for people in our neighborhoods... and real ethics reform at City Hall. (Quote by - Laura Miller)

The right to swing my fist ends where the other ma s nose begins. (Quote by - Oliver Wendell Holmes)

We have also set up the national institute for ethics. This institute and also the implementation of the national integrity plan, that will certainly do the follow up that is necessary for this. (Quote by - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi)

Ethical religion can be real only to those who are engaged in ceaseless efforts at moral improvement. By moving upward we acquire faith in an upward movement, without limit. (Quote by - Felix Adler)

You can't put someone else in charge of your morals. Ethics is a personal discipline. (Quote by - Price Pritchett)

You do not know our culture, our ethics, or the unwritten codes that already provide our society more order than could be obtained by any of your impositions. (Quote by - John Perry Barlow)

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