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They love him, gentlemen, and they respect him, not only for himself, but for his character, for his integrity and judgment and iron will; but they love him most for the enemies he has made. (Quote by - General Edward Stuyvesant Bragg)

You must consider every man your enemy who speaks ill of your king; and . . . you must hate a Frenchman as you hate the devil. (Quote by - Lord Horatio Nelson)

Remove advertising, disable a person or firm from proclaiming its wares and their merits, and the whole of society and of the economy is transformed. The enemies of advertising are the enemies of freedom. (Quote by - David Ogilvy)

Those who hate you don't win unless you hate them and then you destroy yourself. (Quote by - Richard Nixon)

We do not celebrate the death of our enemies. (Quote by - Yitzhak Rabin)

I bring out the worst in my enemies and that's how I get them to defeat themselves. (Quote by - Roy Cohn)

Foreknowledge of the future makes it possible to manipulate both enemies and supporters. (Quote by - Raymond Aron)

Enemies could become the best companions. Companionship is based on a common interest, and the greater the interest the closer the companionship. What makes enemies of people, if not the eagerness, the passion for the same thing? (Quote by - Bernard Berenson)

The truth is forced upon us, very quickly, by a foe. (Quote by - Aristophanes)

Have we not come to such an impasse in the modern world that we must love our enemies - or else? The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars - must be broken, or else we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation. (Quote by - Martin Luther King Jr)

We have friends but they have not been made by silence or pussyfooting. If we have enemies, we do not placate them. (Quote by - William Grimes)

When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know I'm slipping. (Quote by - Maria Callas)

Don't think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm. (Quote by - Malayan proverb)

When men are easy in their circumstances, they are naturally enemies to innovations. (Quote by - Joseph Addison)

Governments exist to protect the rights of minorities. The loved and the rich need no protection: they have many friends and few enemies. (Quote by - Wendell Phillips)

A man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom of the world. It was a perfect act. (Quote by - Mahatma Gandhi)

Let our friends perish, provided that our enemies fall at the same time. (Quote by - Cicero)

Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them as much (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

When a virtuous man is raised, it brings gladness to his friends, grief to his enemies, and glory to his posterity. (Quote by - Ben Jonson)

Whatever the number of a man's friends, there will be times in his life when he has one too few; but if he has only one enemy, he is lucky indeed if he has not one too many. (Quote by - Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, first Baron Lytton)

I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made. (Quote by - Franklin D Roosevelt)

There's nothing like the sight of an old enemy down on his luck. (Quote by - Euripides)

In all ages of the world, priests have been enemies of libery (Essays, Moral, Political and Literary). (Quote by - David Hume)

Nothing is so dangerous as an ignorant friend; a wise enemy is worth more. (Quote by - Jean de la Fontaine)

It is better to decide a difference between enemies than friends, for one of our friends will certainly become an enemy and one of our enemies a friend. (Quote by - Pierre Jean de Beranger)

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