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One of the great inventions of the twentieth century was the studied, methodical engineering of myth for political ends. (Quote by - Caryl Rivers)

Old houses mended, cost little less than new before they're ended. (Quote by - Colley Cibber)

I think there's a handful of guys that ended up being lucky in that way, .. Some guys who were free agents actually had to take a little bit of a hit but it just all depends on who's available and at what time. There was only a handful of defencemen in my situation so it made things a little easier for me, I guess. (Quote by - Adrian Aucoin)

So what is the secret to her never?ending appeal?. (Quote by - Barbara Lounsberry)

From inaccessible mountain range by way of desert untrod by human foot to the ends of the unknown seas, the breath of the everlasting creative spirit is felt, rejoicing over every speck of dust that hearkens to it and lives. (Quote by - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

We ended last year with a major victory and begin this year with a major setback. (Quote by - Clint Bolick)

Our premier team, Rocket Kids, were supposed to do it, but they ended up competing that weekend. So, they asked Ryan to do that particular part. (Quote by - Charlie Segrave)

There is a beautiful ending. It does lift your hearts in the very end. (Quote by - Clotile Bonner)

I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war. (Quote by - Albert Einstein)

Did you know destruction of the soul is not the ending to life: Fear not of the Antichrist. (Quote by - Damian Marley)

The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

We had a chance to clear the zone and we didn't do it, and then it ended up going behind the net, and I turned one way and I looked in front and Ian was there to bury it five- hole. (Quote by - Cristobal Huet)

I felt very comfortable with the way things went off and ended up,. (Quote by - Al Unser)

It's hard, it's just 10 years of this incredible group of people and it's weird that it's ending because it doesn't seem like it really needs to but it does. (Quote by - Jennifer Aniston)

Education is not a product: mark, diploma, job, money in that order; it is a process, a never ending one. (Quote by - Bel Kaufman)

Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art. (Quote by - Will Durant)

Compromise is but the sacrifice of one right or good in the hope of retaining another- - too often ending in the loss of both. (Quote by - Tryon Edwards)

We forecast an increase of approximately 15 per cent in operating profit after tax for the half year ending 31 December 2005, over the amount reported for the prior corresponding period,. (Quote by - Charles Curran)

One small company we spoke to ended up getting their legitimate mail blocked by anti- spam software, because they had been used as a spam relay, and that was very, very painful. (Quote by - Chris Potter)

Graham hyper- extended his knee and it has ended up a bit sore. There is no structural damage but we have had a conservative approach. (Quote by - Chris Connolly)

We know that government intervention in the free market, and Argentine history has shown this, absolutely ends in a boomerang. (Quote by - Daniel Morgan)

But luckily tonight the story ended differently. (Quote by - Bob Wickman)

A man who is master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure. I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

The English winter - ending in July, / To recommence in August. (Quote by - Lord Byron)

Or at least the ends justify being really mean!. (Quote by - Frank Miller)

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