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There is nothing in the world so enjoyable as a thorough-going monomania. (Quote by - Agnes Repplier)

I have always been a huge admirer of my own work. I'm one of the funniest and most entertaining writers I know. (Quote by - Mel Brooks)

I don't at all like knowing what people say of me behind my back. It makes me far too conceited. (Quote by - Oscar Wilde)

If the egotist is weak, his egotism is worthless. If the egotist is strong, acute, full of distinctive character, his egotism is precious, and remains a possession of the race. (Quote by - Alexander Smith)

Egotism is the anesthetic which nature gives us to deaden the pain of being a fool. (Quote by - Dr. Herbert Shofield)

Egotism: The art of seeing in yourself what others cannot see. (Quote by - George V. Higgins)

In the woods we return to reason and faith. Standing on the bare ground - my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite space - all mean egotism vanishes. . . . The currents of the Universal Being circulate through me. (Quote by - Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it. (Quote by - Colin Powell)

Examine yourself to see whether you have within you a strong sense of your own self importance, or negatively, whether you have failed to realize that you are nothing. This feeling of self-importance is deeply hidden, but it controls the whole of our life. Its first demand is that everything should be as we wish it, and as soon as this is not so we complain to God and are annoyed with people. (Quote by - Saint Theophan the Recluse)

Conceit is thinking you're great; egotism is knowing it. (Quote by - Bobby Darin)

An egotist is a self-made man who worships his creator. (Quote by - John Bright)

Egotism is the source and summary of all faults and miseries. (Quote by - Thomas Carlyle)

We would rather speak badly of ourselves than not talk about ourselves at all. (Quote by - Francois De La Rochefoucauld)

Where id was, there shall ego be. (Quote by - Sigmund Freud)

I have searched in vain, and I am so confused; in this darkness, I cannot find the path. In egotism, they cry out in pain. Says Nanak, how will they be saved?. (Quote by - Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

Every normal person, in fact, is only normal on the average. His ego approximates to that of the psychotic in some part or other and to a greater or lesser extent. (Quote by - Sigmund Freud)

One must learn to love oneself with a wholesome and healthy love, so that one can bear to be with oneself and need not roam. (Quote by - Friedrich Nietzsche)

Men strengthen each other in their faults. Those who are alike associate together, repeat the things which all believe, defend and stimulate their common faults of disposition, and each one receives from the others a reflection of his own egotism. (Quote by - Henry Ward Beecher)

I am a sacrifice to the Guru, who has totally cured me of the fatal disease of egotism. Glorious and great are the virtues of the Guru, who has eradicated evil, and instructed me in virtue. (Quote by - Guru Gobind Singh)

People serve the True Guru only when the fever of egotism has been eradicated. Nanak has met the Guru; all his sufferings have come to an end. (Quote by - Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or my music, then in that respect you can call me that I believe in what I do, and I'll say it. (Quote by - John Lennon)

Those who subdue their egotism, come to know the three worlds. Then, they die, never to die again. They are intuitively absorbed in the True One. (Quote by - Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall see God' suggested to me a heavenly welfare program for the meek. Today that saying reveals an astute insight into egotism, about how those with swollen pride or vanity cannot see anything larger than themselves. (Quote by - Huston Smith)

If egotism means a terrific interest in one's self, egotism is absolutely essential to efficient living. (Quote by - Arnold Bennett)

They are forever free who renounce all selfish desires and break away from the ego-cage of "I", "me", and "mine" to be united with the Lord. This is the supreme state. Attain to this, and pass from death to immortality. (Quote by - Bhagavad-Gita)

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