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Effort Quotes
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Tell him I mind having to look pretty, that's what I mind, because it is so much more of an effort. (Quote by - Emma Thompson )

Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately, you occasionally find men who disgrace labor. (Quote by - Ulysses S. Grant)

Plough deep while sluggards sleep. (Quote by - Benjamin Franklin)

The effort of art is to keep what is interesting in existence, to recreate it in the eternal. (Quote by - George Santayana)

Apply yourself both now and in the next life. Without effort, you cannot be prosperous. Though the land be good, You cannot have an abundant crop without cultivation. (Quote by - Plato)

But the effort, the effort! And as the marrow is eaten out of a man's bones and the soul out of his belly, contending with the strange rapacity of savage life, the lower stage of creation, he cannot make the effort any more. (Quote by - D. H. Lawrence)

In the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding on the back of the tiger ended up inside. (Quote by - John F. Kennedy)

The constant effort towards population, which is found even in the most vicious societies, increases the number of people before the means of subsistence are increased. (Quote by - Thomas Malthus )

How many a man has thrown up his hands at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience would have achieved success. (Quote by - Elbert Hubbard)

The events of the day's march are now becoming so dreary and dispiriting that one longs to forget them when we camp; it is an effort even to record them in a diary. (Quote by - Robert Falcon Scott)

Nothing requires a greater effort of thought than arguments to justify the rule of non-thought. (Quote by - Milan Kundera)

I tell beginning readers to read a lot and write a lot. If you want to write a book, find a subject that's really worth the time and effort you'll put in. (Quote by - Tracy Kidder)

I made a supreme effort not to do that thing that parents do, which is to bore people without children to death by going on and on about how funny their children are, so there's none of that hopefully. (Quote by - Jo Brand)

What you can't get out of, get into wholeheartedly. (Quote by - Mignon McLaughlin)

Being involved in the Ashes was something special, a great thing. It was a real team effort. As for Vaughany, leading us was outstanding. (Quote by - Andrew Flintoff)

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work. (Quote by - Calvin Coolidge)

And also it was a process of, we lifted weights as well, in an effort to train my body to then be able to lift heavier weights when I got in Australia. So that was the first couple of months. (Quote by - Brandon Routh )

Unwearied ceaseless effort is the price that must be paid for turning faith into a rich infallible experience. (Quote by - Mohandas Gandhi)

Though the barriers of life seem formidable, we find when we challenge them that they have no will. (Quote by - Robert Brault)

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. (Quote by - Abraham Lincoln)

Freedom from effort in the present merely means that there has been effort stored up in the past. (Quote by - Theodore Roosevelt)

Sport is the habitual and voluntary cultivation of intensive physical effort. (Quote by - Pierre de Coubertin )

I was determined that if I failed it wouldn't be due to lack of effort. (Quote by - Heston Blumenthal)

A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. Every day sends to their graves obscure men whose timidity prevented them from making a first effort. (Quote by - Sydney Smith)

We're going to turn this team around 360 degrees. (Quote by - Jason Kidd)

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