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Corn ethanol can help in the short term, but it has serious limitations, and none of this is going to work if we don't dramatically improve the efficiency of our cars and trucks. (Quote by - David Friedman)

We expect to achieve 20 to 25 percent better fuel efficiency as opposed to a regular diesel vehicle. (Quote by - Lewis May)

As we integrate our various operations, we will keep a laser-like focus on the customer. Our combined workforce is 100 percent committed to maximizing company performance and efficiency throughout the integration process. (Quote by - Matthew O'Connell)

We have little to lose, and much technological progress, energy security, and economic efficiency to gain if we act on climate change now, (Quote by - Andy Crouch)

I'll take fifty percent efficiency to get one hundred percent loyalty. (Quote by - Samuel Goldwyn)

Facing the competition from overseas rivals, they are forced to learn, to improve the efficiency and become adapted to globalization. (Quote by - Xu Shouzhen)

Seagate is helping system builders meet growing demand for notebook PCs with desktop capabilities by delivering 2.5-inch disc drives that provide some of the industry's highest levels of power efficiency, ruggedness, performance and capacity. Our transition to perpendicular technology increases our ability to meet the needs of our growing customer base. (Quotes by - Karl Chicca)

Our goal was to take the efficiency and convenience of online shopping and humanize it. You want answers instantaneously. (Quote by - Bill Bass)

He has brought an air of efficiency and organization and administration to the life of the denomination, (Quote by - Charles Blake)

The best poison pill is the efficiency of the company and the evidence of our results compared to the results of others. (Quote by - Guy Dolle)

The housing industry and apartments would be 25 percent higher not because of low salary but because of their efficiency. (Quote by - Stephen Davis)

Stefan was No. 1 in pass efficiency, ... Obviously, he was doing things right. He's a tough act to follow, but I like it that way. (Quote by - Brian Brohm)

It's a little more serious this time around than just pre-negotiating posturing. It's not just noise. The steamship companies haven't made money for several years. They want more efficiency. (Quote by - Jack Kyser)

Air conditioning reduces fuel efficiency 15 to 20 percent. Opening the windows is actually better for fuel efficiency. (Quote by - Alex Fowler)

Laziness is the mother of efficiency (Quotes by - Marian Propp)

Just as with cars, it's critical to know the fuel efficiency of black holes. (Quote by - Steve Allen)

Reorganizing can be a wonderful method for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization. (Quote by - Petronius Arbiter)

This process will enable us to get 100 percent efficiency out of a single, broad spectrum light source. (Quote by - Mark Thompson)

The worst enemy of life, freedom and the common decencies is total anarchy; their second worst enemy is total efficiency (Quotes by - Aldous Huxley)

I'm very proud of our employees' ability to continue to generate record revenue, fueled by strong results in both our traditional banking and market-sensitive businesses. We continued to gain leverage from improving our efficiency, while at the same time investing significantly for future revenue growth. (Quote by - Ken Thompson)

I will fight in the United States Senate this year to fund a servicing mission to Hubble by 2008, a mission that would potentially increase Hubble's power and efficiency by a factor of 10 and allow us to look back almost to the beginning of the universe. (Quote by - Barbara Mikulski)

We liked the flexibility, production efficiency, and high quality printing. (Quote by - Alain Tremblay)

The outgrowth of conservation, the inevitable result, is national efficiency. (Quote by - Gifford Pinchot)

We need better information on survival rates and recruitment rates of mourning doves. But we have to look at the availability and efficiency of non-toxic shot. (Quote by - Jay Roberson)

I'm not a big fan of taking on surplus space. . . . I'd rather see tenants increasing the efficiency of space use. (Quote by - John O'Toole)

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