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We need to decrease costs and increase efficiency in the department rather than putting an additional burden on every resident and taxpayer. (Quote by - Sarah Heard)

Our focus was a lot harder this week on serve receive. And our kill efficiency was excellent. We used the block well and made smart plays. They played well tonight. (Quote by - Beth Tocci)

There can be economy only where there is efficiency. (Quote by - Benjamin Disraeli)

For example, the Chevrolet Yukon SUV weighs 6,000 pounds. [The government's fuel efficiency] standards expect a car of that weight to get about 12 miles to the gallon, but the Yukon gets an estimated 20. Because it exceeds those expectations, it qualifies for a tax credit. (Quote by - Jim Kliesch)

Time and time again I was told that I would never make the film on time and never make it on budget. That kind of criticism tends to turn me into a great big motor of efficiency. (Quote by - Richard E. Grant)

You can achieve a far greater degree of efficiency if you just blend them into existing fuels. (Quote by - Burkhard Goeschel)

It's a quantum increase in efficiency. You use more of your body, you get less tired. (Quote by - Rich Orr)

To create an entirely new division and place it somewhere other than the State Housing Authority runs completely counter to what we've been talking about for the better part of four years, which is government restructuring and government efficiency. (Quote by - Joel Sawyer)

And so, we'll have to see what wins the tug-of-war: greater vendor choice through interoperability and loose coupling, or reduced vendor selection for purposes of efficiency. (Quote by - Ronald Schmelzer)

Therefore, for efficiency and fiscal responsibility, DPS should reduce its facility inventory. A reasonable beginning would be 10 to 12 schools. (Quote by - Mike Langley)

Enterprise 9.0 - Compliance Edition spans both worlds. It enables our customers not only to meet their regulatory compliance and corporate governance requirements, but also enhance internal controls, implement best practices and improve business efficiency. (Quote by - Bill Lyons)

That means we don't get the efficiency, and the excitement you get from the face-to-face dealing of a really outstanding faculty. (Quote by - Dave Frohnmayer)

We want customers to see energy efficiency as the best way to take control over their energy costs. It's an important response to the higher cost of natural gas, which has increased nationwide. (Quote by - Michelle Mueller)

The new power station uses environmentally friendly technology of pulverized coal firing. It increases efficiency by 4% to approximately 46%, a peak figure for coal-fired power stations, simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 20%. (Quote by - Wulf Bernotat)

I'm very proud of Vanessa. I saw her as a spark tonight and it was nice to see the things she could create. I really liked the effort and execution on the court, it reflected our efficiency. (Quote by - Jen Warden)

The Nine Network experienced a difficult year. This level of cost growth is not sustainable and the newly installed management team have embarked on a vigorous review aimed at improving operating efficiency. (Quote by - John Alexander)

The weather could return to normal at any time, and all consumers should keep in mind ways to increase energy efficiency. (Quote by - Michael Wood)

They never seem to lose their efficiency, they just put out the energy in different ways in different phases. (Quote by - Christopher Reynolds)

The growth is there, the issue is how we can make this growth into a profitable industry. The solution is increasing efficiency of airlines, increasing the load factor and handling better capacity. (Quote by - Giovanni Bisignani)

We're using a force main because it's more cost effective than extending a gravity main, and we don't think there's any loss of efficiency or availability for other property owners. (Quote by - Ed Murphy)

I think, from my perspective, you're asking an excellent question. It's almost efficiency at an intangible level. (Quote by - Superintendent Richard Johns)

The technology in cars and light trucks has been steadily improving. But what we have done is buy bigger, larger, more powerful, faster-accelerating vehicles, with more onboard amenities -- and all of that efficiency gain has been used up. (Quotes by - John Heywood)

Carbon trading engages finance directors. It takes the issue of energy efficiency right to the top of the company. (Quote by - Elliot Morley)

There are some areas where we could be more aggressive for cost efficiency. We went into this year knowing it was a time for belt tightening, and now I guess we just have to adjust one more notch. (Quote by - Anthony Dragona)

With respect to the environment in our state and our state's future - in addition to water which is very important here - I think it is crucial for him to make a sincere commitment to energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, by helping us to produce those cars of the future. (Quote by - Jennifer Granholm)

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