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From an efficiency standpoint, entering every loan manually was cumbersome and time-consuming. (Quote by - Mike Cuccinelli)

The general proposition is that the resources that will be utilized are the ones that contribute most to the overall efficiency of the production system. The third parameter has to do with our commercial world, our search for profits. (Quote by - Marvin Harris)

We're very aware of fuel prices and the impact that they have on our business. We understand this, and we've been committed to fuel efficiency. (Quote by - Mark LaNeve)

The myth of fascist efficiency has deluded many people. (Quote by - Henry A. Wallace)

There are questions marks around the type of efficiency (thin film technology) can get and the longevity of the cells. But these companies are moving forward rapidly, beyond the R&D stage and into production. (Quotes by - Ron Pernick)

It's doing a very good job with what it's got. The cost beat is very positive for its efficiency, but the question is how much longer can it do this for and where is the growth going to come from? (Quote by - Andy Penman)

It's a vicious cycle. While systems become denser, their energy efficiency has decreased. Devices are getting smaller and smaller, but they are getting hotter. (Quote by - Bob Gill)

One will focus on greater transparency... the second will focus on energy efficiency and energy conservation... and the third component will be to provide income assistance to the most vulnerable Canadians. (Quote by - Ralph Goodale)

We believe the efficiency, image quality and, most importantly, the overall movie going experience will be greatly enhanced through these...digital projection systems. (Quote by - Bruce Snyder)

As the cost of fuel goes up, the payback time is getting shorter and shorter. Energy-efficiency solutions are becoming more affordable. (Quote by - Fred Moore)

Generally speaking, there's a lot of common ground. As a utility, we really are doing a lot in renewable energy and energy efficiency. We need to do more, so we're not done yet. (Quote by - Chuck Freedman)

As a state we are so uniquely positioned in so many ways. Our geography, our placement in the country, and our history positions us to be the state that propels energy efficiency as an industry. (Quote by - Jennifer Granholm)

Loyal and efficient work in a great cause, even though it may not be immediately recognized, ultimately bears fruit. (Quote by - Jawaharlal Nehru)

Efficiency is doing better what is already being done. (Quote by - Peter F. Drucker)

We are happy to be on track with our targets. As we continue to improve efficiency and implement debottleneck-ing, we are confident that we will be able to achieve our production forecasts for the year, (Quotes by - Bruce Anderson)

Among the many important provisions in the energy bill are the creation of an estimated half million new jobs, increased oil production, blackout protection, controlling fertilizer costs by stabilizing natural gas prices and enacting new efficiency benchmarks. (Quote by - Paul Gillmor)

The sound waves propagate out through the material and heat it up. It acts in a way similar to the way neutrinos would act but with more efficiency. (Quote by - Adam Burrows)

If it improves access, efficiency and safety -- in essence improves the value of the product delivered -- I have no problem saying we ought to expand this program to hospitals and other physicians. (Quote by - Robert Day)

Demand for these rebates clearly shows the public is interested in vehicles that achieve higher fuel efficiency standards and employ alternative fuel technologies. (Quote by - Kathleen McGinty)

Most of the high-efficiency products on the market can reduce heat prices up to 50 percent if used properly. (Quote by - Andy Petersen)

Greater personal choice, individually tailored services, stronger local accountability, greater efficiency - these are all central to the new direction of travel we have set for our public services. (Quote by - John Hutton)

No partnership between two independent companies, no matter how well run, can match the speed, effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency of a solely owned company. (Quote by - Edward Whitacre, Jr.)

It is much better for environmental protection and efficiency of vehicles. It (unleaded fuel) is of a higher quality and would increase efficiency of our machinery. (Quote by - Luxon Zembe)

It may be time for people to get serious about fuel efficiency and think what your next car is going to be because I don't think you're going to see really cheap gasoline anytime soon. (Quote by - Rob Schlichting)

TAM has already been inserted in the worldwide quality levels concerning both safety and operational efficiency. (Quote by - Ruy Amparo)

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