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I want a competitive edge for my company, and, as a member of the community, I want to do the right thing. Energy efficiency has become more important in our lives. (Quote by - Brian Spears)

All of the company's business segments have contributed strongly to the earnings improvement, which shows that the past years' efforts to improve efficiency have paid off. (Quote by - Silke Stegemann)

There's less wear and tear. It allows the heart to pump with greater efficiency so there's less strain. When we really can feel a positive feeling, that's when the heart's communication becomes the best. (Quote by - Howard Martin)

Washington Mutual is, in our view, an under-earning franchise, in large part due to poor efficiency. A merger could result in significant cost savings. (Quote by - Frederick Cannon)

Between your tires being low and your alignment being off, you could easily lose 15 percent of your efficiency, just in your tires. (Quote by - Andy Pomeroy)

One of our main goals as a company is to increase our earnings. The whole energy efficiency program and energy labeling program marries up to that strategy because it's one of the ways we can reduce operating costs. (Quote by - Frank Frankini)

Our focus is to continually improve operational productivity and efficiency to best deliver the services and solutions our clients seek. (Quote by - Jose Jimenez)

Our business has grown considerably over the last 10 years, and we now have an opportunity to improve operational efficiency through centralization and consolidation. (Quote by - Michael Meyer)

In the exercise of God's efficiency, the decree of God comes first. This manner of working is the most perfect of all and notably agrees with the divine nature. (Quote by - William Ames)

We're trying to increase the efficiency of students to learn from current instruction. (Quote by - Steve Miller)

We've had enormous amounts of feedback over the last few months. We took a lot of phone calls with IT managers, trying to pinpoint what their needs were around customization. Security and efficiency were two of the big 'asks' we heard from IT managers. (Quote by - Heather Friedland)

These 737-800s will provide excellent reliability and efficiency, which will enable a profitable operation as quickly as possible. (Quote by - Yang Guanghua)

The DFC/T represents a significant advance for ultra-clean, high efficiency fuel cell/turbine technology. (Quote by - Wayne Surdoval)

Our job is ensure that those deals that injure consumers don't go through, ... On the other hand, we don't want to prevent 99 out of the 100 deals that are either neutral from a competitive point of view or actually pro consumer and pro efficiency. (Quote by - Lou Dobbs)

There's a casino gambling mentality among investors today. I think it's a disservice to the efficiency of the capital markets. (Quote by - Scott Black)

More and more governments are looking at mergers, especially where they have been working together on some services. It's about economy of scale and efficiency more than anything else. (Quote by - Jacqueline Byers)

You reduce the cost of labs if you buy for here in Atlanta not trying to staff five other labs, ... There's a great deal of efficiency. (Quote by - John Turner)

Because of the efficiency we've achieved, we don't have to replace associates one for one. (Quote by - Bunny Richardson)

The Tahoe and Yukon Two-mode Hybrids combine the functionality and comfort of a full-size SUV with a two-mode full hybrid system that optimizes fuel efficiency in city and highway driving, the way most Americans use their vehicles. (Quote by - Tom Stephens)

The introduction of numerous innovative products, strong performance in emerging markets as well as the on-schedule implementation of measures to enhance our efficiency and to reduce our net working capital all contributed to the success we achieved. (Quote by - Ulrich Lehner)

They would be managing the business efficiency of the outsourced relationship, which in many instances can involve multiple vendors and be more complex than running the show in-house. (Quote by - Ross McKenzie)

If you take a look at what you can do energy efficiency wise in a hangar or repair facility, there's day lighting, regular lighting, temperature controls, infrared heating instead of older steam and hot-water heating, and compressed air. (Quote by - Steve Craig)

Our solid fourth quarter performance reflects our ongoing ability to execute consistent strategies for generating top-line growth, controlling costs and improving operational efficiency. We were successful in delivering a strong cash quarter as a result of our sharp focus on working capital improvements, particularly in accounts receivables and inventory reduction. (Quotes by - Mark P. Frissora)

We've always felt that added competition, reduced cost, more efficiency would grow the market overall. (Quote by - Bill Porter)

The VA's health-care funding process has been built on false claims of efficiency, erroneous assumptions, and a smoke-and-mirrors budgetary process. (Quote by - Tom Marciciak)

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