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A lot of electric motors, which consume huge amounts of electricity in the United States, still are from a generation when people didn't care that much about energy efficiency. (Quote by - James Gelly)

Our partnership with KLC will help us efficiently implement our business strategies for the Algerian market. KLC has a very impressive track record, and boasts a distribution channel known for its wide reach and efficiency. (Quote by - Hafeez Khawaja)

We're trying to help the Washington Pavilion building so there is more efficiency in using the equipment. (Quote by - Steve Hoffman)

That is surprising. He's all about efficiency. But he's talked about how he's had to throw more pitches as he gets older, and that's part of it, too. Either way, the guy is 5-0, and you can't dispute that. (Quote by - Michael Barrett)

Fiat has a lot going for it in terms of design, technology and efficiency. (Quote by - Peter Schmidt)

It is worth trying for someone who is allergic. Some products are over hyped. But one thing I recommend is getting HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters. They do decrease the allergens in the air. (Quote by - Dr. Lyndon Mansfield)

The worst, the hardest, the most disagreeable thing that you may have to do may be the thing that counts most, because it is the hard discipline, and it alone, that makes possible the highest efficiency (Quotes by - Elihu Root)

We have just completed our major restructuring to improve efficiency and set up a clear business direction that started in the middle of last year. (Quote by - Surachai Chetchotisak)

What they've got to do is talk about fuel efficiency. (Quote by - Daniel Gorrell)

To cut costs and increase efficiency, a number of companies are now ready to move from autonomous to consolidated networks. (Quote by - Stephen Elliot)

There is no doubt that, to achieve maximum efficiency, we need the support of the best technological applications, (Quote by - Giuseppe Pisanu)

In this industry, it's required for us to be best of breed when it comes to operational efficiency. We have to be able to support our business partners and customers in all areas of the world. (Quote by - William Amelio)

Few would venture to deny the advantages of temperance in increasing the efficiency of a nation at war. (Quote by - William Lyon Mackenzie King)

While Foster's scale and efficiency sees us better placed than anyone from a production perspective, the (Australian) market is struggling to absorb the huge volumes of wine that are discounting and squeezing sales margins. (Quote by - Trevor O'Hoy)

We expect to improve efficiency for carriers and service to customers by providing better load visibility. (Quote by - George Caine)

The American attitude towards efficiency and execution should always underlie architecture. (Quote by - Helmut Jahn)

Democrats believe we should renew our commitment to creating tax credits for hybrid vehicles, increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars, and investing in ethanol, biofuel, hydrogen fuel cell technology, (Quote by - Rosa DeLauro)

As we go market to market and they are more 'on channel' than not, we'll be able to build the right models. This will lead to huge efficiency of product. (Quote by - Brent Dewar)

In this era of globalization, corporate responsibility is no longer merely about local labor issues, pollution control, or energy efficiency. Sustainable businesses are those that are helping find global solutions to our most pressing environmental and social issues. (Quotes by - Ed Barker)

We have conceived Games which are not wasteful or disproportionate, but rather games based on efficiency and values, (Quote by - Bertrand Delanoe)

Some integration of businesses and coverage areas should help raise efficiency and profitability. (Quote by - Eiji Maeda)

What may be keeping (the Chinese leadership) up at night is how to keep up the pace of economic growth by improving the efficiency of their industrial sector and balancing the high cost of a lot of needed environmental improvements. (Quote by - Jerry Clifford)

Because each agency now takes care of only its own client base it can't possibly offer optimum efficiency. The (new organization) will provide service to more people at less cost. (Quote by - Bob Campbell)

Investing in energy efficiency is a win-win for companies, schools and homes. Business owners, school districts and home owners see the benefit in reduced energy costs and, doing their part to reduce environmental impacts from energy production and use. (Quote by - Deborah Jordan)

Our objective is to deepen and expand the market, reduce (price) instability, and boost transparency and efficiency. (Quote by - Darmin Nasution)

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